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In 'Cachada: The Opportunity', Women Find Hope & Healing in a Salvadoran Theater

REVIEW: This Documentary Is an Adorable & Poignant Look at Stray Dogs Living in a Chilean Skatepark

REVIEW: 'Councilwoman' Documentary Chronicles a Dominican Hotel Maid-Turned-Politician Fighting for a Living Wage

REVIEW: 'Someone Great' Lives Up to Its Title & Spotlights Gina Rodriguez's Comedic Talents

REVIEW: A Sarcastic Priest-Turned-Curandero Saves 'The Curse of La Llorona' From Itself

REVIEW: 'Guava Island' Is a Pretty Postcard That Distances Itself From Cuba's Political Baggage

REVIEW: 'Los Silencios' is a Quiet Marvel That Gives a Refugee Story a Supernatural Spin

Review: Coming-of-Age Story 'Miriam miente' Shows the Impact of Colorism in the Dominican Republic

Review: 'José' is a Tender Look at Being Young, Gay and Indigenous in Guatemala

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