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Neymar Has Spent More Minutes on the Floor This World Cup Than Some Players Have Spent on the Pitch

Twitter is Roasting Neymar For His Over the Top Drama in Brazil-Mexico World Cup Match

Comedian Dons Blackface as Neymar on Fox Sports Brasil

People Are Roasting Neymar For Calling It "Inhumane" to Play in the High Altitude of Bolivia

Uruguay Legend Diego Forlán Is Really Out Here Calling Dani Alves a "Bitch" and Neymar a "Little Boy"

After New Feud With Edinson Cavani, Neymar Shows He Can't Escape His Bratty Reputation

Barcelona Sued Neymar, so Neymar Sued Them Right Back

These Are the 10 Most Expensive Latino Soccer Transfers of All Time

It's All Happening: The Ridiculous Neymar Transfer Saga Finally Comes to an End

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