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Cardi B is Ozuna’s Biggest Fan and Here’s Proof

Residente Tattooed His Name on a Fan Who Collects Autographs On His Back

Ozuna Proves He Can Slide Into Every Reggaeton Romántico Style on New Album 'Aura'

Ozuna’s Upcoming Album Includes Cardi B & Akon Singing in Spanish

Ivy Queen on Violence in Reggaeton Debate: Where’s the Campaign to Stop Denigrating Women?

J Balvin Slams Rappers Who Glorify Violence in Reggaeton & Trap

The Rumors Are True: Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee Will Officially Drop a Collab This Week

Daddy Yankee Is Victim of Million-Dollar Robbery While on Tour in Spain

The Neoperreo Movement Heads to LA for a Throwdown With Tomasa del Real, Ms Nina & More

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