The Internet Wants To Know Why JLo Isn’t Wearing Her Engagement Ring In Recent Photos

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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When celebrities get together, the news hits big, but when they are reportedly on the rocks, and not talking, every image matters. Or, at least, that’s what JLo fans are concluding after Jennifer Lopez uploaded a series of photos, with a grand total of ZERO engagement rings to be seen anywhere. And neither is fiance, former MLB player Alex Rodriguez.

Uploaded from the Dominican Republic, where Lopez has been filming the upcoming Shotgun Wedding, the Puerto Rican star posted two series of pics. In the first set, five photos of the actress sitting on some steps were posted, each featuring a different angle. Five photos, five angles, and while she does wear a ring, it isn’t *the* ring.

But the second set of pictures, uploaded a few hours later, is what really got people talking.

The first shows her wearing the same two-stone ring as before, but this time giving the “peace out” goodbye, while the second shows her laughing, as she gets whisked away in a car.

Now, there’s no rule nor is it mandatory for any person, celebrity or not, to wear an engagement ring. And, it should be noted that since the couple got engaged there have been several photos posted without the engagement ring in them. However, add the missing ring with the fact that Rodriguez hasn’t made an appearance on JLo’s Instagram profile, neither by photo or comment, in about six weeks (when they allegedly broke up over Rodriguez cheating rumors).

Plus, just a couple of weeks ago, Lopez posted a thirst-trap video of her dancing to a Drake song (it had been rumoured the two were dating before she and Rodriguez got together).

The famous couple came out denying the breakup rumors, with Lopez going as far as mocking the headlines of the possible separation.

JLo knows how to work the media, and she knows a picture is worth a thousand words. So, if I had to guess, either she’s working the room to make sure we all keep her name in headlines or we’ll be hearing an official statement soon.