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Austin’s Chef Fermín Núñez Shares The Gift Of Masa With Those Who’ve Earned It Most

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Few things help bring out the best of us than coming together to share food. When we extend an invitation to people to have a meal with us, it represents appreciation for our fellow human beings, and is one of the greater signs that we care. That idea is even more special for those who make it possible for our food to come to our table; in this case, it becomes symbolic of the power of working for the benefit of each other.

With the aid of all-new Toyota Sienna, Chef Fermín Núñez directs the spotlight to Urban Roots. In the new video for the car company’s Route To Root series, he proposes a bridge between the kitchen and the source of origin. Urban Roots is a non-profit organization that empowers Texan youth by teaching them farming and social skills. The Mexican-born, Austin-based executive chef of the restaurant Suerte extends his appreciation to one of his most important produce providers by doing what he does best: cook a masa-based meal and share the food with them.

For Chef Fermín, few things are as important as masa. In the video, he underlines the importance of corn and calls it the “canvas of Mexican cooking.” It’s not only the central ingredient for creating masa but, also, a cornerstone of Suerte’s unique spins on traditional dishes like tlacoyos and tostadas. His talent for creating amazing food from masa is on full display in Route To Root, presenting an eclectic dinner complemented with ingredients picked from the farm itself. In the end, Urban Roots becomes the stage for quite the feast.

Thanks to Route To Root, we witness the efforts of both Urban Roots and Núñez to make mealtime possible for a lot of people, showing the human faces behind the process of eating a dish at a restaurant. To use a popular saying, “food is the way to the heart;” in this case, we can use it to refer to the action of caring for each other.