Locals Only: Borscht Director Lucas Leyva Shares Miami Picks

Lucas Leyva is a filmmaker, playwright, director, one half of production duo Mayer/Leyva and co-founder of Miami’s eclectic Borscht Film Festival. While Miami is still mostly portrayed in the media by its boobs, babes and bronzer, the BFF has been putting out weird little movies that show the intricacies of the growing subculture in the city, which is, well, kinda weird. Bullet Magazine recently described the fest as “supporting a wave of young filmmakers, the kids of Latin American and Caribbean immigrants, who are creating new mythologies for themselves as Miamians.” So I decided to ask Lucas Leyva about local life in Miami because he seems to know what it’s really about. Btw – look out for the Borscht collective at Sundance this month, where they’ll be feted by the Knight Foundation.

14/M/Miami wana cy?

Tell us what you do?
I’m the DJ Khaled of indie shorts.

What’s the perfect night out in Miami?
Rosé somewhere.

What local bands/DJs should we have on our radar?
DJ Sean Bang.

Best venues for live music?
Drive to ocean walk up to ocean stick head under water wait for

Best place to go out dancing?

I don’t bop, I do the money dance.

Best Latin place for hangover food?

Tropical Supermarket cafeteria special. Ask for the Paul Korzan gringo supremo.

Best place to hook up?
The internet.

Which bars/clubs should we avoid?
All of them except for free drink ones or Gramps, Magnum, Deuce.

How does Miami inspire your work?
It’s constantly trying to kill me.

Hidden gem?
Giancarlo Loffredo is a national treasure. Diego Meza-Valdes is the secret weapon that makes everything Borscht makes at least 20% better.


Favorite local artist?
Subi – hey girl if you’re reading this text me 305-733-9304