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Toyota Corolla & Director Edgar Nito Team Up to Give Advice to Emerging Latino Filmmakers

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Whether it’s a short or feature film, getting started in the film industry can be a daunting experience for aspiring directors. But the right sounding board can inspire auteurs to bring their ideas to life.

Mexican director Edgar Nito knows what it’s like to bring his ideas to film. Nito made his directorial debut in 2010 with the short film Y volveré. Fast forward nine years and a few shorts later, and Nito was named the Best New Narrative Director by the Tribeca Film Festival for his first feature film, The Gasoline Thieves.

Given his expertise, we teamed up with Nito to guide three emerging Latino filmmakers for this installment of The Accelerators. As he drove through the streets of Los Angeles in the new Corolla, Nito gave advice and shared his experiences. Check out the video above.

Production Credits:
Director: Rodrigo Olivar
DP: Lucas Gath
Creative Director: Morris Dávila
Producer: Rafael Urbina
Editor: Juan Espinal