2020 Vision: Jarina de Marco on Becoming an Active Agent of Change

Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.

With each single, Los Angeles-based, Dominican-Brazilian artist Jarina de Marco has understood the power of music as a medium to try to make sense of the world around her. Irresistible dancey beats, catchy hooks, and colorful aesthetics are the Trojan horses the Mad Decent-affiliated singer uses to confront us with sociopolitical topics that, in today’s context, seem as urgent to tackle as ever.

This is especially true on her 2019 EP Malcriada, where she addresses issues such as colorism (“Identity Crisis”) and female empowerment (“Malcriada”), and her most recent single, the Dylan Brady-produced jam “Ilegales,” is fueled by the rage she feels about the villainization and persecution of Latin American immigrants in the U.S.

Be it rallying for immigrant rights with initiatives like Solidarity for Sanctuary, or benefiting Standing Rock warriors and Street Watch L.A. with proceeds from her protest songs “Release The Hounds” and “Ilegales,” respectively, Jarina de Marco is committed to being an active agent of change. Only days away from the US.. elections we checked in with her to learn more about her point of view on the process.

Are you voting this year? If so, why?

I would LOVE to vote, but I am a greencard holder so I’m not able to yet. I’m working on becoming a citizen so I’m never shut out of an election again.

Describe this election in three words.

Absolute nail bitter

What would you say to the Latino community to vote in this general election (for the next president and down the ballot)?

If you’re voting for Trump, you’re voting against the wellbeing of the Latinx community as a whole. I’m really worried about the Latinx community in Florida who has been bamboozled to believe that Trump has their best interest in mind. He has used the fear and trauma of escaping the communist regimes of Cuba and Venezuela assuring those communities that only he can save them from an alleged socialist America under Biden. Biden…a centrist. What strikes me as ironic is that Donald Trump behaves like every dictator and despot in Latin America and it’s him they should really be worried about.

If you feel comfortable, tell us–who do you endorse for President of the United States this year? Who do you hope folks who are reading this vote for and why?

I endorse Biden. He may have not been my first choice as a democratic candidate, but I believe him to be a decent man who will hear out the concerns of my generation, be it immigration reform, global warming, police reform, addressing systemic racism, healthcare, and rebuilding our economy. I just want the ugly, racist chaos that has become the norm under the current administration to end.

What are the top two issues you’re currently concerned about and how does that influence how you’re voting this year?

Only two??? I’d like to see a path to citizenship for DACA. I’d like to see the EPA get back to addressing global warming, police reform, how about…I don’t know…listening to science? So we can get this virus under control and our society up and running again.