Los Tigres del Norte Want to Record a Collab With Cardi B

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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If you’ve been following the news from this year’s record-breaking and tributefilled iteration of the famed Houston Rodeo, you might know that just a week ago, Los Tigres Del Norte broke the event’s all-time attendance record with a stunning 75,586 paid audience members. That might be huge news in and of itself, but what makes the record even more striking is that just days prior, Cardi B smashed the previous record once held by Garth Brooks.

Having some time to look back and reflect on the overwhelming reaction to Latinx artists at the rodeo, the group’s leader Jorge Hernández expressed his admiration for Cardi, even opening the door to a future collaboration between the two powerhouses. “We know [Cardi B’s] trajectory, her career. She’s paid tribute to [Latino] artists. We know she’s a Latina who works from the heart and is dedicated to what she does,” he told People en Español.

When asked about the possibility of collaboration, Hernández said, ”It would be fabulous! We should reach out to her through People en Español to see if we’ll do a song together, it would be fabulous. [Collaborating with her] would be the best!”

And though the San Jose, California-based norteño outfit beat Bardi’s record by six attendees, the style of the potential collaboration is still probably a toss-up. Could we see Bardi spitting bars over accordion-driven corrido jams? We can only imagine that Fefita La Grande would join in to play the accordion, considering previous rumors about a collab between her and Belcalis. Or will the “Puerta Negra” singers hop on a trap-driven banger? Maybe they’ll settle on some kind of hybrid with a beat change?

No matter what happens, here’s hoping we get a Los Tigres Del Bardi collab soon.

H/T People en Español