Bad Bunny Day

Fans Were the Real Stars of Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour Night 2 in Miami

Photo by Eric Rojas.

With any concert, there’s always a glimmer of hope that the performer will bring out special guests during the night. You can’t help but wonder who they will possibly surprise the audience with as you run down all their recent features in your head. It was no different when it came to attending Bad Bunny’s second night in Miami of his World’s Hottest Tour. The night before, he brought out JhayCo and Mora, and in Orlando, Jowell y Randy — so it was natural for me to think he’d bring one of them or someone else out. But he didn’t.

As Bad Bunny made his way through more than 40 tracks that covered his early work from the start of his career to YHLQMDLG and his most recent Un Verano Sin Ti, not one special guest joined him on stage. And while that could be disappointing to imagine, this moment only went to prove that Bad Bunny’s discography and star power were more than enough for an over two-hour set. 

The solo act made this show feel like an intimate celebration with the superstar, going through all the songs that reminded us of pre-pandemic summer days, the songs that soundtracked our pandemic quarantines, and the songs that fueled our post-pandemic lives. Even in the moments when I thought an artist would come out to join Benito on stage — like Cardi B during his rendition of “I Like It — I never felt disappointed when it didn’t happen as I continued to enjoy what felt like a perrero over a concert. In a world where listeners assume you’re only as good as your features, night two in Miami also proved his biggest claim to fame is his fans. 

Bad Bunny
Photo by Eric Rojas.
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Concertgoers sang along to every verse, never missing a beat when he pointed the mic at the stadium. Fans lit up the space with free LED bracelets that were handed out — creating a light show as they waved their hands to the music. The one person he did have join him on stage was a random fan he selected from the audience that showcased how we were, in fact, his special guests. 

So, this goes as a tip to not stress who he might or might not be bringing out during your city tour stop. If you’re a fan of Bad Bunny, it’s still an ultimate celebration of fan love, summer fun, and Latinidad — guests or no guests.

The World’s Hottest Tour features DJs Alesso and Diplo on select dates as the opening acts in the U.S. The tour began on Aug. 5, with the first leg hitting 15 stadiums across different U.S. cities until Sep. 20. Then, in Oct., it continues with its Latin America leg in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, and more through Dec.