Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi Pleads for World Peace at NYC Show, but You Can Also Go to La Chingada

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 11: Gloria Trevi performs at Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden on November 11, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Over the years, Gloria Trevi made a name for herself as one of the most prolific Mexican entertainers of our time. She burst into the music scene by breaking all the rules with her grungy rockera and unapologetic flair. And now, nearly 40 years into her music career, she’s still a force to be reckoned with. Trevi brought her La Isla Divina Tour to New York City (Nov. 11), and Remezcla was on site for the epic night.

La Isla Divina (The Divine Island) Tour is the Mexican icon’s ninth concert tour, and her first trek since the pandemic abruptly cut her 2019 Diosa de La Noche Tour short. It was a Friday night and the New York audience was ready to party as soon as they filed into the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. 

During the concert, Trevi masterfully weaved together a variety of her greatest hits to create a poignant story about moving out of the darkness and into the light to reach paradise. Trevi, along with her band and company of dancers, perfectly utilized performance art to denounce hate and call for unity. It was a high-energy night full of fun, humor, escapism, and showmanship that anchors why Gloria Trevi and her message are more relevant than ever. 

When the house lights dimmed at 9 p.m., a countdown suddenly appeared on the screen. A montage of images of war and strife from the beginning of human civilization were shown. Some of the clips included scenes from World War II, the 9/11 attacks, a busy hospital at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the war currently happening in Ukraine.

After the blackout, Trevi, donning angel wings, appears above the ruins of a city devastated by a bomb explosion as she ponders, “Qué hago aquí?” One flash of her million-dollar smile immediately detonated the audience into cheers. While sifting through the remnants of the city with a round of emotionally charged ballads, Trevi invites the audience to join her as she plots her escape from the apocalypse. However, not everyone can be part of this rescue mission. “We have to keep in mind the cowards,” Trevi warned, implying some folks will be left behind. “[Especially] those who saw how difficult the situation was and went tola chingada.”

Despite the catastrophe unfolding around her, Trevi safely reaches an industrial junkyard and promises to bring her fans to La Isla Divina. She pleads that things must change when they reach this paradise as she recalls femicide, hate crimes, homophobia, discrimination against immigrants, and political corruption. As she denounces these atrocities, Trevi is involuntarily taken to a mental hospital and cries “no estoy loca” while singing “Dr. Psiquiatra.”

When she breaks free from captivity, Trevi tells the crowd they deserve to live in a better world. “There’s some people who say that this magical place of paradise that we dream of doesn’t exist,” she mused. “This world does exist and we’re going there, even if they tell us that we’re crazy.”

Some of the more fun and interactive moments of the show include Gloria asking her fans to help her pack a luggage. Trevi opted for a bikini and a pair of high heels for the beach as she reminded the crowd: “Primero muerta que sencilla.” The audience requested food and liquor but laughed when Gloria pointed out that no one asked for water. The singer also packed boyfriends and family members before quickly changing her mind and taking out the toxic ones.

During another cool moment of the concert, Trevi secures a sailboat and sings “Soñando” as she dreams of inhabiting a peaceful world. At Trevi’s request, a sea of waving cell phone lights lit up the theater, doubling as starlight to help her weather the storms and guide her to her destination. Trevi celebrates when she finally reaches La Isla Divina and lets loose with “Pelo Suelto.” The high of reaching paradise is unfortunately short-lived. When a pirate ship arrives, Trevi has to fend them off in a flamenco-style dance battle. Needless to say, she succeeds, and her victory is sealed with a kiss from her hunky flamenco dancer.

After the heated showdown, Trevi retreats to the ocean and cools off. She reflects during her moment of solitude with “Soledad.” The healing qualities of the water inspire her to make amends with those she might have hurt in the past (“Ensayando Como Pedirte Perdón”). During deep reflection, she encounters a sea monster that’s been following her and quickly realizes it’s a manifestation of her fears. “This is where you find your strength to overcome anything,” she cried before fighting it off. “This darkness is what makes your inner light come out.” Trevi once again proves successful in combat and rejoices in the glory of her victory with the song “Gloria.” She regains her wings and rises above a sea of flames.

As the end of the night approached, Trevi shared some parting words with her fans. “On La Isla Divina, ‘goodbyes’ don’t exist,” she cried to the crowd, who made it known they weren’t ready to go home. “That’s why we won’t be saying goodbye.” She further explained that La Isla Divina is about finding your joy now because you never know how much time you’ve got in this lifetime.

“If you didn’t notice, La Isla Divina is actually you,” said Trevi in a touching moment. “You are my safe place. You are my paradise.” If the concert was any indication, Gloria Trevi and her fans can count on being each other’s safe haven for more years to come.