INTERVIEW: CNCO’s Zabdiel Talks Going Solo & New Single ‘Aventura’

Courtesy of WK Records.

After leaving his mark with CNCO, Zabdiel is getting ready to fly solo. The Puerto Rican pop star teamed up with Ana Mena for his debut single “Aventura,” which came out today (Aug. 24). While in Puerto Rico, Zabdiel talked with Remezcla about putting his own spin on a Toby Love classic, his aspirations as a soloist, and what’s coming next.

Zabdiel shot to global fame as part of the Latine boy band CNCO. After eight years together, the group will go its separate ways soon, with the guys free to pursue other projects. “We are brothers, so we support each other for sure,” he says about soon parting ways. But now, Zabdiel is ready to continue his music career on his own.

“I feel hyped!” he adds. “I’m ready for the challenge. I learned so many things while in the group that I think it’s time for me to start doing my stuff.”

For his first single, Zabdiel is revisiting a classic by former Aventura member Toby Love. He rewrote the verses of the 2006 “Tengo Un Amor” while maintaining the memorable chorus. Zabdiel’s new version of the song is called “Aventura.”

“It was a natural thing,” he says. “I know the songwriter who wrote the song [Wise “The Gold Pen”], and he had this idea to recreate the song. We were trying to find a female for it, and then Ana Mena appeared. When she heard it, she was like, ‘That’s it!’”

Zabdiel previously worked with Spanish singer Ana Mena when she collaborated with CNCO in 2017 for her single “Ahora Lloras Tú.” Since then, they’ve maintained a friendship. In Zabdiel’s dreamy bachata song, the singers trade verses about still being in love with each other while on the verge of a breakup. They share a great chemistry in the music video where they channel a 1950s couple in 2023.

“It was amazing to work with Ana,” Zabdiel says. “I hope people take away a good feeling from this song. I just want them to feel what I felt when I used to hear this song when I was a kid.”

“I hope people take away a good feeling from [‘Aventura’]. I just want them to feel what I felt when I used to hear this song when I was a kid.”

Zabdiel is one of CNCO’s most accomplished songwriters. He co-wrote most of the band’s hits and Selena Gomez’s song “Buscando Un Amor” from her 2021 EP Revelación. Now, he will be using his pen to tell his own personal stories in his songs. “You guys can expect for me to be very vulnerable,” Zabdiel says. “I like to be like an open book. I hope you guys enjoy my music and my art.”

While sitting in Puerto Rico, Zabdiel reflects on his journey, going from growing up in Bayamón to traveling the world with CNCO. He is excited to take his career to the next level and explore reggaeton and salsa music influences on his next releases. 

“I used to be here in Puerto Rico singing in the church and school to going to fucking stadiums with Ricky Martin,” he says. “I feel so blessed to have that experience. I hope people can see me as an example that you can do whatever you want.” 

Check out the music video for “Aventura” below.