Isle Of Light: Where Music, Sociopolitical Messages, & Style Collided in Santo Domingo

Photo by Maxiel Vasquez

The Isle of Light festival, held at Faro Punto Torrecilla in Santo Domingo Este, showcased a diverse lineup, bringing together the vibrant independent art and music scene of the Dominican Republic and international acts. Artists didn’t just perform; they used their platform for more than musical expression, weaving in poignant sociopolitical messages. Giorgio Siladi carried a Palestinian flag on stage, while Villano Antillano etched history as the first Latine Trans and non-binary artist to grace a major stage on the island, delivering powerful messages of support to the local LGBTQ+ community.

Beyond the exceptional performances, the audience distinguished themselves by expressing their love for music through their unique styles, infusing an extra layer of vibrancy into the festival ambiance. From the beauty of natural hair to meticulously curated outfits that likely took weeks to perfect, attendees at the Isle of Light Festival brought their fashion A-game, elevating the entire experience into a visually stunning celebration of music and style.

Photos by Maxiel Vasquez for Remezcla.