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Jowell y Randy Talk New Single “Toro” & How Working With Bad Bunny Changed Their Lives

Photo by Phraa.

Reggaeton pioneers Jowell y Randy are back! After two years of solo projects, the Puerto Rican icons have reunited for their new music video “Toro,” out today (Oct. 7). In an interview with Remezcla, Jowell y Randy talked about their legacy, keeping the genre fresh, and performing on Bad Bunny’s World Hottest Tour.

Jowell y Randy’s last major project together was their 2020 album Viva El Perreo. The LP featured their post-COVID party anthem “Se Acabó La Cuarentena” with Kiko El Crazy. “That’s going down as one of our best albums we’ve made up until this point,” Jowell says. “We’re happy, and we’re ready for what’s next.”

“Toro” is Jowell y Randy’s first new single as a duo in two years. They co-wrote the song with Mora, and it was produced by Súbelo NEO, who worked on Bad Bunny’s YHLQMDLG. Their comeback track is a beast of a reggaeton banger with frenetic shifts in rhythm. Jowell y Randy playfully bounce off each other while commanding the dance floor. The colorful music video perfectly captures the song’s perreo-ready spirit.

“[The song] doesn’t have a definite chorus,” Randy says. “It’s breaking schemes, and it’s full of chanteo. We changed the velocity a few times, and that’s something we did in ‘Safaera,’ and that came out super well. We wanted to give the people what they want. To be innovators and not do the same thing but do things differently. We’re super happy with that mix. It’s our favorite song on the [next] album.”

Randy and Jowell’s careers were reignited when Bad Bunny featured them on “Safaera.” Released in 2020 on YHLQMDLG, the song has become a new classic in reggaeton. It masterfully blended the reggaeton that Randy and Jowell ushered in throughout the 2000s with Bad Bunny’s innovative touch.

“That was an amazing experience because if you’ve heard our music before, that’s the type of music we like to make,” Jowell says. “Benito had the vision to include us in that song because I imagine he knew it was the type of rhythm that would be perfect for us. That song changed our lives for the third time. It’s the most streamed song from his album YHLQMDLG and to be a part of that was a huge honor. “

This past summer, Jowell y Randy joined Bad Bunny for multiple dates on his World’s Hottest Tour. They performed “Safaera” with him along with a few of their own classics. During one of the concerts in Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny said he considered the dio to be “the best reggaetoneros in history.”

“That was something big for us,” Randy recalls about hearing Bad Bunny’s comment. “Honestly, we’re grateful to God to have released music during a time when Bad Bunny was starting to create [his music] and inspired him, taking influences from our music. In that era, it was us, and we have to include Arcángel and De La Ghetto. I feel blessed that we have influenced him.”

About the experience of touring with Bad Bunny, Jowell adds, “Feeling that adrenaline on the stage and adding to the energy of these concerts, for us, these were the biggest shows in the genre right now. And to be a part of that, it was an honor.”

“Honestly, we’re grateful to God to have released music during a time when Bad Bunny was starting to create [his music] and inspired him, taking influences from our music.”

Jowell y Randy are hard at work on their next album that will feature “Toro.” Like with the Viva El Perreo LP, they just want to have fun playing with a genre that they helped put on the map. Fans can expect more bangers in the vein of “Toro.” “It’s an album that’s aimed at bailoteo and perreo,” Jowell says. “We didn’t want to make songs with very deep lyrics, with feelings, or any of that. We understand that right now what the people want from us is the hardest perreo that we can give them. We’re los más duro in perreo and we wanted to show that with this album.”

Over 20 years since coming together as Jowell y Randy, they’re still going strong as a duo. They’re enjoying the ride together, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

“It’s been very beautiful to share this journey,” Randy says. “The respect and tolerance between us have been very important. We support each other. We always put 100 percent of ourselves into this, and I believe that has been the winning formula for us. It’s very cool when the new artists we meet call us legends. That’s due to all the years we’ve been together. We have a very solid brand.”