Unscripted Episode 1: Inside the Making of Centavrvs’ “El punto final”

There’s no blueprint for the creative process. Even the best laid plans take unexpected twists and turns on their way to the final product, and those left-field moments are often what make a piece of art work. In our Unscripted video series, we linked up with musicians, digital artists, and film directors to get a peek at their process, and the unexpected surprises that went into making their work.

Centavrvs has been moving and shaking online and on stages around the world, attracting an increasing number of fans with their self-described “neoregional, Mexican electronica.” The band combines traditional and electronic music in the studio and even among their very own members, half of whom studied music at conservatories and the rest of whom learned the trade by spinning tracks on dance floors across Mexico.

While in New York during their American tour, the band decided to mix up their contemporary-yet-folkloric sound even further, recording a song featuring Rey Davíd, Willie Colón’s trombonist, and produced by Tweety González of Soda Stereo.

In collaboration with Tequila CAZADORES®, Remezcla spent two days shadowing the band and their musical heroes as they recorded, documenting the studio session itself while also tracking the unconventional, unscripted paths that led all of those involved to the same studio and the song they gave life to that day.