‘One Day at a Time’ Season 3 Is Coming Very Soon to Netflix

Lead Photo: 'One Day At A Time' season 2. Photo by Mike Yarish. Courtesy of Netflix
'One Day At A Time' season 2. Photo by Mike Yarish. Courtesy of Netflix
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Netflix’s One Day at a Time remains the little show that could. When Netflix was delayed on renewing it for season two fans and a string of Latinx organizations came together to demand the show continue. Earlier this year, the showrunners even attempted to give the show more awards attention by hiring a plane to promote it. But true fans know about the series and have been hotly anticipating season three, which is coming quicker than you think.

It’s been announced that season three of One Day at a Time will debut on Netflix February 8. The 13-episode season three will continue to follow Justina Machado as a military veteran and mother (Penelope Alvarez), her two children, and strong-willed mother Lydia (Rita Moreno). Not much has been revealed about the arc of the season, but showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett will both direct the final two episodes of season three, as well as star in two episodes as Nicole, the woman dating Penelope’s ex-husband. It’s also previously been disclosed that Gloria Estefan is playing Mirtha, the younger sister and “arch-nemesis” of Moreno’s Lydia. And Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine were on-set last year, but it’s still unknown who they’re playing this season.

It continues to astound fans that One Day at a Time isn’t a global juggernaut. The show has tackled weighty topics from sexuality to immigration and remains a heartwarming, yet highly topical sitcom audiences should be watching, particularly during these times. Here’s hoping that season three gets additional marketing, which it should considering the special guest stars it’s racking up. We’ll be waiting for our Netflix to refresh and can’t wait for the return of the Alvarez clan!

You can stream One Day at a Time season three on Netflix starting February 8, 2019.