5 Peak Quinceañeras That Will Go Down in History

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What started off as a family filming a video to invite their loved ones to 14-year-old Rubí Ibarra García’s quinceañera has evolved into something only the internet could have bred. Since Rubí’s family asked everyone to drop in on the quinces in San Luis Potosí, more than 1 million people have RSVPed to the party.

They went a step further by creating virtual VIP lanyards, Photoshopped the family next to the Kardashians, and created memes galore. Rubí’s newfound fame even got her an invitation to join the cast of La Rosa de Guadalupe. 

Because Rubí’s party has reminded us that there’s nothing more live than a quinceañera, here are five more coming-of-age celebrations that will go down in history: