On Saturday, we patiently waited for Juan Gabriel’s return. Weeks ago, his ex-manager, Joaquín Muñoz, told the world that El Divo de Juarez faked his own death in 2016. “He faked his death…He’s at home; he’s well, comfortable and everything,” Muñoz said at the time. “Next month everyone will know. He’s preparing everything so that after the 15th [of December], he can appear in public. He’s bored with the way [his life] is; the situation he’s living in is a horrible situation that I don’t wish upon anyone.”

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But December 15 came and went, and Juanga has yet to re-emerge (though Muñoz now says the iconic singer will return in 2019). All this Juanga talk might make you feel nostalgic for JG (at the Remezcla offices, we listened to his discography for an entire day), so it’s a perfect time to add some Divo merch to your collection. Below, here are nine Juanga items you should purchase.


Juan Gabriel Divo de Juarez Enamel Pin

Photo via Fakap

$12, buy here.


Juan Gabriel Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

Photo via Ruby Brooby

$25 – $28.50, buy here.


Juan Gabriel Charm Necklace

Photo via Chispitas Co

$10.20, buy here.


Juan Gabriel El Divo Sticker

Photo via Very That

$2, buy here.


Noa Noa Embroidery

Photo via Les Petite Stitches

$30, buy here.

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Buenos Dias Alegria Juan Gabriel Mexican Coffee Mug

Photo via Fakap

$14, buy here.


Vela de Juanga

Photo via Pow Moments

$14.99, buy here.


Divo de Juárez Art Print

Photo via Alexis Tapia

$34.07 – $52.71, buy here.


Juan Gabrieles Art Print

Photo via Ruth Zehntner

$20.99 – $36.99, buy here.