7 Rom-Coms Perfect for the Hopeless Romantics This Valentine’s Day

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
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With Valentine’s Day here, what better way to celebrate than watching some of our favorite romantic comedies? Sure, some romantic comedies are a bit cheesy, but that is part of the magic we love and expect from these guaranteed HEA. And whether you are single or in a couple, all hopeless romantics can find something on this list that will speak directly to their hearts.

It’s true that not all romantic comedies are made equal and Latine movie fans understandably consider JLo to be the queen of romantic comedies; Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding are her latest examples. Yet, there are so many more movies about the comical display of love with Latine actors.

As you get ready for Valentine’s Day, snuggle up with your boo, dog, cat, or favorite snack and watch some of these romcoms that will get you into the Valentine’s Day mood!


Maid in Manhattan

Maid in Manhattan is one of the most memorable romantic comedies from our younger years. We remember watching JLo go from maid to faux-rich lady after trying on a guest’s clothes while cleaning a hotel room. As you’d expect, a man sees her and falls in love but Marisa Ventura, played by J.Lo, has a moral dilemma and has to decide if she tells him the truth or goes with it.


Our Family Wedding

Our Family Wedding is a classic tale of when cultures and worlds collide. Lucia, played by America Ferrera, falls in love with Marcus, played by Lance Gross, and they plan a dinner to tell their families that they want to get married. When the families meet, the families struggle to understand each other leading up to the big day. Race plays a big role in the misunderstandings and tensions between the two families, but ultimately, love wins in this story, as it should.


From Prada to Nada

Mary Dominguez, played by Alexa PenaVega, is a typical rich girl without a care in the world. When her father dies and the will is read, she learns that they are bankrupt leaving her with no other option than to move in with her maternal aunt in East LA. She is suddenly left to figure out life without the immense comforts and pleasures she had when she was rich. Along the way, Mary learns about her family, culture, and falls in love with Bruno, played by Wilmer Valderrama.


Mujeres Arriba

Mujeres Arriba follows three women who are friends and their escapades in their own love lives. One woman is married, one woman is in a relationship, and the third is single and looking for love. Teresa, played by Loretto Bernal, is the main character as she tries to find her special love in a city filled with romance, adventure, and surprises. Of course, the movie is heavy with comedic moments that can only come from a full Latine cast.


The Back-Up Plan

Okay, so you know that J.Lo was going to make another appearance on this list. After all, she is the queen of Latine romantic comedies.

Zoe, played by J.Lo, is in a societal race against time to have a baby. After asking her best friend to father her child and going to a sperm back, Zoe runs into Stan, played by Alex O’Loughlin. Their romance is a whirlwind and she eventually has to tell him that she is pregnant. What follows is a story of a man and woman trying to figure out a new relationship with a baby on the way. Complicated, much?



Pulling Strings

Jaime Camil plays Alejandro, a mariachi singer in Mexico City trying to get a visa to go to the U.S. After being denied by Rachel, played by Laura Ramsey, Alejandro cooks up a plan to prove that he deserves a visa. Rachel shows up at a party where Alejandro and his band are the musical entertainment for the evening and, after too many tequila shots, she wakes up having lost a very important laptop. Alejandro knows he can convince her to give him a visa if he helps her find her computer but all that time together has a very different result.


Someone Great

Jenny, played by Gina Rodriguez, is going through a hard breakup and her besties Erin, played by DeWanda Wise, and Blair, played by Brittany Snow, are there to help. The three plan on one more night out on the town in New York City after learning that Jenny has accepted a job in San Francisco. The three women go on a wild, daylong adventure around the city in a love letter to self-love and unstoppable friendship. Perfect to watch with your best friends with a couple of cocktails and comfy clothes.