J Balvin Hops on Stage With Cardi B & Beyoncé + More Coachella Moments You May Have Missed

Lead Photo: J Balvin and Cardi B perform onstage during the Coachella 2018. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella
J Balvin and Cardi B perform onstage during the Coachella 2018. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella
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After an amazing first weekend spearheaded by Beyoncé’s historic set and the largest Latinx representation in its lineup to date, Coachella returned to the Indio desert for its second round. And even though some of the surprise factor from the shows had already faded by then, there were still plenty moments worth writing home about.

Unlike weekend one, last week’s performances weren’t live-streamed, so the memories of this second round of shows will only live in the festival-goers’ minds and their crappy cellphone videos, but we’re here to paint a picture. We previously mentioned J Balvin’s exclusion from the festival as a missed opportunity, but he found a way to sneak in not only one, but two of the highest profile performances of the whole festival. The Sonora Stage was, once again, a haven for Latinx talent – and people running away from the heat– and it now featured two days of DJ sets by Chulita Vinyl Club. Rocking a variation of her TLC-inspired look, Cardi B gave “I Like It” fans a special treat, and Kali Uchis came back stronger after an eventful first weekend.

These are some of our highlights from Coachella 2018’s second weekend.


J Balvin performed "Mi Gente" at Beychella

Beyoncé got us screaming in excitement when she performed her brassy rendition of “Mi Gente” last weekend, but on her second performance, she straight up brought out J Balvin himself to do a verse, and now we’re dead. Look at them smiling!


Cardi B brought out Bad Bunny and J Balvin for “I Like It”

For her second Coachella show, Cardi B refreshed her list of guest star performers, as she invited SZA for “I Do,” and both Bad Bunny and J Balvin for “I Like It,” one of the absolute hottest tracks on Invasion of Privacy. Everyone might not have been acquainted with the Latino superstars, but they’d better get used to their faces. Quick.


Los Ángeles Azules got their rock on with Moderatto’s Jay de la Cueva

Talking about special guests, cumbia heroes Los Ángeles Azules were joined on stage by Moderatto frontman Jay de la Cueva to do their joint version of the band’s hit “17 Años.” He sung, rocked his guitar, and wore the Mexican tricolor as a cape.


Jay Z blessed Cardi B’s baby bump

Let’s take a couple of seconds to watch on loop this video of Jay Z greeting Cardi B and rubbing her baby bump right after he performed “Deja Vu” with Queen Bey. This kid was already blessed, and now this happened.


Coachella got weirder thanks to NAAFI

One thing weekend two party goers can brag about is watching NAAFI, who also DJed at the festival’s Silence Dance Party, kick off the Sahara Tent. LAO and Fausto Bahia brought the weird to the Indio desert.


Kali Uchis put on a stunning show

Remember last weekend when Kali Uchis had to pull through with a guitar-less set after her guitarist suffered from a bad case of stage fright? This weekend, Uchis performed a flawless set with a flaming new guitar player on her return to the Outdoor Stage.


Cuco took his parents to Coachella

Chicano youngster Cuco is still wrapping his head around his quick rise to success, but luckily he’s got his family to support him. He brought them to see his performance at the Sonora Stage on Sunday and his Twitter message to them is just too sweet.