When Los Ángeles Azules were announced as part of the Coachella lineup back in January, we predicted there would be some WTF moments from their set. Coachella is known to produce some unexpected celebrity link-ups and sightings, but none of us could have foreseen the alternate reality that was created when none other than Justin Bieber showed up to the cumbia legends’ performance.

On Friday, the cumbia legends thanked Bieber for attending the performance on Twitter, and posted a clip of Bieber dancing (questionably…) during the set. Feast your eyes on the footage below:

Even Bieber can’t deny these rare cumbia grooves. That’s fine, but we’ll never forget the “Despacito” debacle and his botched, drunken performance of the song at New York’s 1 Oak nightclub. The Internet never forgets, my friend.

One thing’s for sure: as they took the stage on Friday afternoon, Los Ángeles Azules received a historic and rare nod at Coachella, as Latinx legacy acts rarely get recognition at mainstream U.S. festivals alongside pop superstars like Beyoncé or The Weeknd or even Anglo legacy artists. Their performance could set a precedent for future U.S. festivals, which have slowly been tapping more Latinx performers and diversifying their lineups in recent years.