Kat Von D & Leafar Seyer Had the Most Lavish Goth Wedding of All Time

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Kat Von D and Prayers’ Leafar Seyer have been proudly documenting their goth love on Instagram for months, sharing their engagement and pregnancy announcements with fans. On Saturday, the couple finally tied the knot, and you can bet the ceremony was even more extravagantly goth than we could have ever imagined.

Before the wedding, the couple sent guests a custom skull-shaped invitation, featuring blackletter calligraphy designed by Kat Von D herself. The pair took over The Beverly Hills Hotel for a heaven-and-hell-themed ceremony, transforming the venue into a gorgeous blood red wonderland. The main space was drenched in crimson lighting and decorated with skulls, bones, and an eerie melting candle installation – vegan ones, of course – designed by Biren and Co. A nearby bar area was adorned with angelic, all-white furniture, an inverted cross, and drapes to follow the heaven-and-hell theme.

Kat wore a lavish red dress designed by Adolfo Sanchez, while Seyer donned a goth take on a charro suit, complete with a black tassel veil. For dessert, the couple served an opulent vegan castle-shaped cake featuring a projected GIF of themselves. During the ceremony, Kat performed a rendition of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ “Into My Arms” on a scarlet grand piano.

Guests documented the entire evening with the appropriately spooky hashtag #envidayenmuerte. Relive the best moments of the reception through Instagram below:

The skull-shaped invitation

Kat Von D's red wedding dress

The stage

The dancers

The vegan castle-shaped cake

The wedding throne

Kat Von D's cover of "Into My Arms" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The heaven-themed bar area

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The “immaculately white” room #envidayenmuerte

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