14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Luna Luna to BRATTY

Lead Photo: Photo by Madelyn Amacher.
Photo by Madelyn Amacher.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Luna Luna, BRATTY, and DannyLux. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

LUNA LUNA - “Solo Tu”

Fulfilling the wishes of fans hoping to hear Luna Luna croon more in Spanish, the indie group releases the bilingual song “Solo Tu” this week. Their second single of the year is a dynamic, summer-ready track fit for any occasion, and their Latine influences shine. You get a little bit of everything vocally, with lead singer Kaavi — who also created the melody — adjusting his tone to fit the vibe of every verse. “Solo Tu” captivates you from the start with a fresh synth-pop sound and keeps you on your toes throughout. — Chelsea Quezada

BRATTY - “Estos Días”

Since playing Coachella earlier this year, Mexico’s Bratty has kept a low profile until now, and her comeback is as essential as anything she has done so far. “Estos Días” is deeply rooted in strong feelings that feel blurry and hard to grasp when depression drags us not to care, making us feel like days have become gray. Musically, the song bridges the singer’s folky, minimalist leanings with bedroom pop lo-fi vibes. In the end, “Estos Días” finds a glimmer of hope that we will see the sun shine again, giving us what we need when those negative emotions hit us. — Marcos Hassan

DannyLux - “Zafiro”

Following a run of cameos as a guest on songs like regional rock trio Los Aptos’s “Tú Me Llevas a Un Espacio” and rising pop-meets-cumbia songster Estevie’s “Triste Verano,” DannyLux is back with a new track that boasts an experimental edge. On “Zafiro,” produced by Jesse & Joy and RBD collaborator Hector Crisantes, the 19-year-old singer and songwriter augments his standout melancholic but dulcet sierreño sound with a live orchestra and towering guitar solo, courtesy of Camila rocker Pablo Hurtado. But even while exploring thrilling new territory, DannyLux’s stirring croons still take center stage in this impassioned ballad. – Nayeli Portillo

Letón Pé - “Rojo Rubí (Rompiendo La Cadera)”

Dominican sensation Letón Pé is back with yet another merenge-fied bop, and this time she summons the powers of some Higuey legends. Succeeding her collaboration with Calacote, Cabra, and Tonga Conga, “Tengo Miedo,” “Rojo Rubí” is the lead single off her upcoming Rojo Rubí EP. It’s a more seductive affair from Letón Pé, as she interpolates the Los Hermanos Rosario classic “La Dueña del Swing” to sing about a woman getting her life in the middle of the dancefloor while everyone’s eyes are on her. Produced by Julián Bernal, this cosmic merengue comes with a music video that showcases Letón Pé’s dancing chops, and it’s spectacular. – Cheky

Conexión Divina - “Las Ganas” 

Conexión Divina is wrapping up their visually astronaut-inspired trilogy with “Las Ganas,” part of their debut album Tres Mundos. This time, the cinematic music video follows the sierreño trio as they act on their romantic feelings instead of wondering about the what if’s. “I was inspired to write a song that makes women feel better about themselves so they don’t have to wait for men or women to ask them out,” the band’s requinto guitarist Ashlee said about the acoustic ballad. Moreover, it’s noteworthy to add that by showing same-sex relationships, the three-piece outfit is once again revolutionizing LGBTQ+ representation in a historically heterosexual male-dominated regional Mexican music industry. – Jeanette Hernandez

J Rochet - “INTENTAR”

J Rochet’s name is familiar to those in the Puerto Rico indie music scene, having made the rounds as a producer for acts such as Calma Carmona, Dogos, Nutopia, and others. But he’s also a singer-songwriter in his own right, dabbling in rock and soul sensibilities. With his new single, “Intentar,” he gets a bit more experimental with his sound—adding drum & bass elements and aggressive breaks that imbue the track with a more elevated essence. Coupled with his melodic voice that contrasts with the hectic beat, it’s a recipe for a song that mirrors the tumult of the feelings it’s trying to project. — Juan J. Arroyo

Madame Récamier, Fishlights - “Se Vale Sentir”

Mexico City indie pop chanteuse Madame Récamier has unveiled “Se Vale Sentir,” the latest single off her forthcoming LP, out in September, bearing her soul with a conceptual, reggaeton-infused conversation between father and daughter. Featuring a guest performance from deep-voiced Fishlights singer Fernando Heftye, the track snowballs from ethereal synths into perreo-inducing percussion, as the pair unpacks the complex, unbreakable bond between parent and child. – Richard Villegas

FIFTY - “Dale Con Tra” feat. Buay Press

Up-and-coming artist FIFTY teamed up with Buay Press on the energetic party track “Dale Con Tra.” Both artists hail from the coastal city of Santa Marta, Colombia, which is home to a special blend of afropop and dembow, called “Samarian Flavor.” The tropical influences on the instrumental cannot be missed, and the flow between FIFTY and Buay Press is unbeatable. The accompanying music video is set at a vibrant house party, which is the most ideal place to hear it this summer. — Chelsea Quezada

GioBulla - “Foreal”

Dominicano multi-genre phenomenon GioBulla brings us a song that only he could deliver. “Foreal” is about falling head over heels for a person and feeling it hard, and the artist communicates this ecstatic emotion by fusing everything at El Gio’s disposal. The track has some tasteful Jersey beats, while the delivery is equal parts R&B and bachata crooning with a bit of indie guitar thrown in the outro for good measure. Encapsulating everything that makes him noteworthy, “Foreal” is the perfect intro to GioBulla as well as a song that will resonate everywhere it gets played this summer. — Marcos Hassan

Belén Aguilera - “LICÁNTROPO”

Barcelona singer Belén Aguilera indulges in a delightfully campy horror subplot on her latest single, “LICÁNTROPO.” Last week, the viral Catalan songstress surprised fans by announcing the release of a new EP entitled METANOIA, her first project since 2022’s SUPERPOP. Never one to be confined to the sounds of a single genre, Aguilera swaps out the hyperpop stomp of songs like “ILUSIÓN ÓPTICA” for a darker but equally hypnotic Y2K era-like beat on the sleek “LICÁNTROPO.” – Nayeli Portillo

Kibi James - “fuerza”

Following the release of their single “Go Outside” earlier this month, Atlanta trio Kibi James has just announced delusions, their debut full-length coming out this summer, together with album track, “fuerza.” Still strolling down dream pop lane, the verses on “fuerza” are backed by a driving rhythm that effortlessly flows into the chorus with an elegant key change that hits right on the spot. Singer Mari softly sings in English and Spanish, watching the world around her collapse under the pressure of capitalism and daydreaming of a future where its flowers grow from its ashes. – Cheky

Gabi DeMartino - "Heaven" 

Gabi DeMartino, the American-Cuban-Italian artist and entrepreneur, released her newest single, “Heaven.” The ethereal and sentimental track embodies an ’80s pop-inspired electronic melody that features the soprano singer’s light and breathy vocals. Lyrically, “Heaven” was inspired by the classic film An Affair to Remember (1957), as well as her previous engagement that didn’t end up working out. With a graceful and vulnerable touch, DeMartino invites her listeners to trust their intuition rather than dwell on things that sometimes just don’t turn out how we want them to. – Jeanette Hernandez

Kevtopo - “¿K Ha Pasau?”

As an artist, Kevtopo’s appeal has always stemmed from the effortlessness of his sound and tongue-in-cheek charisma that’s become part of his signature. Summer bops like “TAN” raised his profile, while “na-da” and “DE MARTES A MARTES” showed off his range. This week he releases his debut LP, Buscando Encontrarme, alongside the single “¿K Ha Pasau?” The album features a handful of collaborations that are, by design, exclusively with female artists such as Keysokeys, Nohemy, and more. As he has in the past with previous EPs and singles, Kevtopo offers listeners a hearty range of sounds ranging from reggaetón and trap to dancehall ballads and pop-rock fusions, keeping with his taste for sonic curiosity that’s made him a fan favorite. — Juan J. Arroyo

Da Pawn - “Nudos”

Five years after their last studio album, Pistola de Balín, Ecuador’s indie rock golden boys Da Pawn have finally returned with new heat. Their latest LP, Residencia Azul, finds the Quito ensemble a bit older, wiser, and more grizzled, but also unafraid of funky bass lines and bluesy slide guitars, while still led by singer-songwriter Mauro Samaniego’s enigmatic poetry. One of the album’s many peaks arrives with “Nudos,” a groovy song steeped in melancholy and regret that ponders the formative intersections that bind our present selves to lessons of the past. –Richard Villegas