From Young Miko to Snow Tha Product, 7 Artists Peso Pluma Should Collaborate With

Lead Photo: Photo by David Avalos for Spotify.
Photo by David Avalos for Spotify.
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Everyone wants in on the rising star of Peso Pluma. It feels as if the Mexican singer-songwriter is dropping a new collaboration each week–and it’s with reason since he is having an undeniable peak moment. And with his diverse and out-of-the-box collaboration approach–we’re curious to hear what’s coming up next.

La Doble P collaborations are in hot demand. Just last Thursday (June 29), he dropped a surprise norteño cumbia called ‘TULUM,’ alongside Grupo Frontera. Before then, he fused dembow and música Mexicana on “PLEBADA” with El Alfa. In spring, he released banger after banger, including the popular tracks “Ella Baila Sola” with Eslabon Armado, “La Bebe (Remix)” with Yng Lvcas, and “Chanel” with Becky G. With all these collaborations in mind, it’s clear that the young artist is not boxing himself to only one genre.

We’re not even scratching the surface of the collaborations he’d already done within the regional Mexican music industry. Besides the aforementioned joint tracks, he’s also worked with artists like Natanael Cano, Fuerza Regida, Junior H, Luis R Conriquez, Gabito Ballesteros, and more.

Now, with more public eyes and ears on him (he currently has over 53 million monthly listeners on Spotify as of June 2023), it feels like the sky’s the limit as far as potential collaborators go. Who could be next?

There are already rumors of who the artist is working–or has already worked–with. The names include Karol GRyan Castro, and Anuel AA. The possibilities had us thinking, and with that, we put together seven diverse artists that we’d love to see Peso Pluma collaborate with–even if it’s just for the itch of curiosity.


Ice Spice

Imagine a “GRAH!” and “Cha-Chau!” moment in one track. We can already see it. We’d love to see Ice Spice tap into her Dominican roots and bring the culture into collaborations with other Latine artists. Now, this isn’t too far-fetched. Both artists are emerging, skyrocketing, and having their moment in pop culture. With Peso’s distinctive voice and Ice Spice’s rapping cadences in mind, the two would make for a hard-hitting collaboration talking about the luxurious things in life.

What’s more, they’re already more alike than people think. I’m talking about their jewelry. Ice Spice rocks her anime-looking necklace, while Peso wears his Spiderman necklace. If all else fails, they can at least start bonding over their jewelry interests. Either way, we’re here for this dream rap collaboration.


Gerardo Ortiz

Listen. Though the two prolific artists are leaving their mark in the regional Mexican industry, their go-to sound differs. Ortiz dabbles more in traditional sounds–although he has released songs in other genres–while Peso isn’t shy to fuse electronic elements with música Mexicana. But what if the two collaborated their musical essences into one solid joint track? We can imagine a hard-hitting corrido (or corrido tumbado) that’ll land them both in the top charts. Whatever the potential sound turns out to be, what’s sure is that it’ll make for a track to pistear to–and we’re more than ready for it.



What would happen if Peso Pluma and ATEEZ collaborated? It would surely crossover Peso Pluma to the K-pop market and continue cementing ATEEZ as one of the most popular K-pop boy bands right now. And they have some commonalities. They both have audiences in Latin America. Currently, ATEEZ is preparing themselves for their Latin American tour dates that include Mexico City, Mexico (Aug. 23), São Paulo, Brazil (Aug. 26), Santiago, Chile (Aug. 30), and Bogotá, Colombia (Sept. 3). Moreover, ATEEZ’s latest video gives a wink to cowboy culture, which we hope could connect them to regional Mexican music. Hey, se vale soñar, no?


Metro Boomin

These two artists are on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart right now. Metro Boomin enlisting Peso Pluma would be the unexpected collaboration of the year. We see these collaborations with American hip-hop/rap producers with emerging Latine talent, but we often see them a little too late. Yeah, there are timely remixes like Bad Bunny’s “Krippy Kush” remix with Farruko and Nicki Minaj — but collaborations like the upcoming Travis Scott and Bad Bunny song seem to be a little outdated (although we’re sure it’s going to be a good one). Now, what if Metro Boomin had Peso Pluma on his radar? We already know Peso has the flow for trap corridos, so it wouldn’t be too left field if he leaned more into the rap genre.


Young Miko

Young Miko and Peso Pluma are the collaborators of the year. They’re both releasing collaborations left and right — and with each drop, it feels like they’re reeling in more listeners. This year alone, Young Miko has already collaborated with TainyTokischaFeid, Jowell & Randy, and Nicki Nicole–and we’re still in July. We can envision a pulsing, old-school reggaeton collaboration between the two young artists. It wouldn’t be out of Peso’s realm either since he’s already released the hit reggaeton single “La Bebe (Remix)” and is teasing a reggaeton track with Ryan Castro. So, why not? We’d love to see it.


Snow Tha Product

One thing about Snow Tha Product is that she drops hard-hitting verses that’ll get your attention. Her songs make you feel on top of the world, badass, and rich — similar to the themes that Peso talks about. Now, imagine a trap or reggaeton anthem featuring Peso Pluma and Snow. Unmatched. It would be an epic collaboration, showing off two diverse Mexican talents that are chameleon-like and unstoppable. Though we don’t know if the two have ever met, they do follow each other on Instagram. Another thing they have in common? They both have slayed their Bizarrap collaborations. Even if it’s wishful thinking, it’s a collaboration that’ll further put Latine talent on the map.


Arsenal Efectivo

Rancho Humilde’s Arsenal Efectivo is back after a few years of being MIA. At their peak, Remezcla considered the trio as one of the artists redefining corridos. So, what would happen if two innovative artists put their creativity together? Surely, an epic corrido tumbado. 

Though it’s unclear if either of them has each other on their radar, Peso Pluma has often worked with Rancho Humilde’s artists. Hence, the connection is quite possibly there already. Who knows, now that Arsenal Efectivo is back and dropping new music, maybe they could make a Peso Pluma collaboration happen.