Is Belinda Making a Corrido Tumbado With Natanael Cano?

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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After making her recent debut in regional Mexican music, Belinda continues exploring the genre. Yesterday (Feb. 20), the Spanish-Mexican pop star was spotted in the studio with corrido tumbado pioneer Natanael Cano.

Last month, Belinda made her long-awaited return to music with the single “Cactus.” For the first time in her career, she embraced regional Mexican with a bit of her own pop twist. In the fiery song, Belinda appeared to open up about her past relationship with Christian Nodal, which ended in 2022. In one of the most damning lyrics, she referenced Nodal’s chest tattoo of her eyes that he later covered up. 

Belinda is continuing to embrace her “Beli-bélica” era. In Cano’s Instagram story post that surfaced today, Belinda joined him in a recording studio. There’s a green symbol at the corner of the post that means he only shared the video with his close friends and fans. Cano and Belinda are shown singing along to a new corridos tumbados song. Belinda can be heard saying the phrase “puros corridos coquette.” That’s a reference to the coquette fashion trend that’s taken over Mexico and branched off into the corridos adjacent “tumbette” and “belicoquette.”

Belinda is taking the business of corridos tumbados seriously. Cano and his label Rancho Humilde were the first to introduce corridos tumbados in 2019. Later that year, the genre received a major boost when Bad Bunny joined Cano on the “Soy El Diablo” remix. Cano ranks as one of the top corridos tumbados acts with Peso Pluma and Fuerza Regida. 

Last week, Belinda was also spotted in the recording studio with Peso Pluma’s cousin and co-writer Tito Doble P. He had a hand in writing Peso Pluma’s hits like “Rosa Pastel,” “PRC,” “AMG,” and “La People.” Tito Doble P contributed to songs on Fuerza Regida’s Pa Las Baby’s Y Belikeada album as well.