PREMIERE: Son Rompe Pera’s “Chucha” Video Is Not of This World

Lead Photo: Photo by Marc van der Aa.
Photo by Marc van der Aa.
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Son Rompe Pera is giving their cumbia marimba music a punk twist in “Chucha.” Today (March 1), the Mexican group is premiering the music video exclusively with Remezcla, a tale of being contacted by aliens from outer space. The guys also talked about their upcoming concerts in the U.S. and what’s next.

Son Rompe Pera is comprised of the Gama brothers, who were born and raised on the outskirts of Mexico City. Allan Gama, who also goes by Mongo, is the band’s lead singer. In 2020, Son Rompe Pera broke out with their debut album Batuco, where they first put a cumbia spin on marimba music. Since then, they have toured throughout Mexico, the U.S., and Europe.

In Son Rompe Pera’s concerts, mosh pits have broken out thanks to the band’s punk energy. In “Chucha,” the guys push their marimba sound into punk territory. “More than our new song is putting our love of punk to the forefront of our music so that our fans know that is a big part of us, our history, and our future,” Mongo tells Remezcla.

In the frenetic “Chucha,” Mongo expresses his disbelief over a wild dream, which includes alien abduction, by yelling out the song’s title. He channels his angst into a fiery anthem that feels like a cathartic exorcism of negativity. “We just hope they enjoy it and can rock out to it at home or in the car, and especially during our shows,” Mongo says. “We are excited that we can finally show our more punk side on a record!”

Mongo’s fever dream of an alien landing comes to life in Son Rompe Pera’s music video for “Chucha.” As Mongo and his brothers, Kacho and Kilo, get lost in playing the song, they slowly morph into extraterrestrials. The sci-fi video just goes to show how the band’s music is truly otherworldly. 

Son Rompe Pera will start touring the U.S. this month. On Mar. 14, the band will be performing at the SXSW festival in Austin. The band will later perform in Houston, East L.A., and San Francisco throughout the rest of the month. At their Son Rompe Pera’s upcoming shows, Mongo said to expect “non-stop chaos, lots of dancing, and great music.” He also suggested stopping by the band’s merch table. “We’ll also be selling our shirts and you’ll need a new one after the show cause you’ll be soaked.”

As for what’s next, Son Rompe Pera is gearing up to release their next album Chimborazo on Mar. 10. The band will be broadening their horizons with the upcoming LP. “It’s not a cumbia record,” Mongo says. “It’s not a punk record. It’s not a rock record.  It’s got a little bit of everything.  There is a strong base of cumbia and we know everyone loves that, but we tried to add a bit of all the music we love, and so it’s a very eclectic record where a lot of friends participate and we hope everyone likes it.”

Check out the premiere of “Chucha” below.