Residente Just Dropped an Explosive Diss Track — & He Claims It’s His Last One

Lead Photo: Photo by Esteban Chacin.
Photo by Esteban Chacin.
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Residente’s highly-anticipated tiraera is here, and supposedly, it’s his last one. The Puerto Rican rapper takes shots at Cosculluela once again in his new music video for “Bajo y Batería,” which dropped today (July 13).

Yesterday, the Residente teased his comeback to music. In a video teaser, he talked about when he roasted Cosculluela last year with the diss track “Cosquillita.” “I wrote a tiraera last October, and I never got a response, y pues… nothing happened,” Residente said. Almost a year later, Residente is taking one more jab at Cosculluela with what he’s calling the last tiraera of his career.

Residente lyrically goes in on Cosculluela for nearly 10 minutes in “Bajo y Batería.” Before unleashing his barrage of bars, he says in Spanish, “Cosculluela, here’s your mention so that you can pay your pension.” In March, Cosculluela pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges against his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Fungenzi. Residente talks about Cosculluela’s troubles with the law and trying to reform his image with a holier outlook on life. “No matter how much you pray, pigs like you don’t go to heaven,” he raps. J Balvin, who Residente also roasted last year, also gets caught in the crossfire. “Balvin’s fans are still hurting,” he adds.

Residente’s fans on social media were excited to see him return with another tiraera. “The tiraera was f**king awesome,” wrote one person in Spanish on Twitter. “This is what I expected from Residente…not the pastelillo he threw first.” Another person added with flame emojis, “This time, Residente dished it out like we’re accustomed to. Now this is a tiraera.”

Time will tell if Cosculluela will respond to this second diss track from Residente. He was the one who initially started the beef with Residente when he dropped “#RenéRenuncia” last Aug. Right now, Residente is focused on expanding his brand. He will soon make his acting debut in the upcoming movie In the Summers, which also stars Leslie Grace.