WATCH: Prince Royce Goes Dembow with El Alfa in “Le Doy 20 Mil”

Lead Photo: Photo by Pipe Jaramillo.
Photo by Pipe Jaramillo.
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Prince Royce is embracing his Dominican roots in his new single “Le Doy 20 Mil.” The Latine pop star dabbles in dembow alongside Dominican superstar El Alfa in their music video released yesterday (Feb. 9). “Le Doy 20 Mil” is Prince Royce’s first taste of new music this year. Royce has made a name for himself in bachata, and for the first time, he’s embracing another Dominican genre—dembow. He teamed up with El Alfa who has helped globalize dembow music.

“Le Doy 20 Mil” blends Prince Royce’s Latine pop sound with El Alfa’s dembow edge. In the bustling love song, the two artists trade verses about trying to keep their temperamental partners satisfied. Though it’s a struggle, Prince Royce and El Alfa are willing to go the distance for love, even if that includes $20,000 shopping sprees. Their sweet collaboration also includes an interpolation of Sean Kingston’s classic “Beautiful Girls.”

The music video for “Le Doy 20 Mil” was shot in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. There are beautiful shots of Prince Royce and El Alfa partying together in one of the neighborhoods. Like in the song, they’re doing their best to please the woman who stars in the colorful video.

Prince Royce and El Alfa will perform “Le Doy 20 Mil” for the first time at Premio Lo Nuestro on Thursday, Feb. 23. Prince Royce has five nominations, including Artist of the Year and The Perfect Mix of the Year for “Te Espero” featuring María Becerra. El Alfa received three nominations. 

Last year, Prince Royce released the bachata songs “Otra Vez” and “Si Te Preguntan” featuring Nicky Jam and Jay Wheeler. El Alfa has become an ambassador for dembow music. In 2021, he became the first dembow artist to sell out Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

Check out the music video for “Le Doy 20 Mil” below.