WATCH: Rauw Alejandro Goes Full-on Broadway in ‘Touching The Sky’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Marco Perretta.
Photo by Marco Perretta.
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Rauw Alejandro is back from SATURNO and went straight into dancing in the New York streets. On May 23, the Puerto Rican artist revealed his newest single, “Touching The Sky,” a first taste of his upcoming music chapter.

“‘Touching The Sky’ is out! Thanks for the loveeee siempreeeee,” the popular singer and dancer announced in an Instagram post.

“Touching The Sky” introduces a new side of Rauw – the music video follows the star dancing Broadway-style as if he were starring in a musical. Directed by Martin Seipel and produced by Rocío Taboada, the new visuals take us to a West Side Story-inspired universe where Rauw is the protagonist pursuing a woman. The video’s showstopping choreography was created by Felix “Fefe” Burgos and Denise Yuri Disla. Sonically, the tune embraces Rauw’s signature groovy melodies driven by a rhythmic bass line and the singer’s signature high-pitched pop vocals. 

Fans are excited about the new song and art direction. An X user wrote: “If there’s one artist that never disappoints me, it’s Rauw Alejandro. He puts love into his art, the cabron dances, innovates, puts together great videoclips and looks for fresh concepts.” A YouTuber user, lolmessi450, expressed the same sentiment: “This man NEVER ceases to amaze, he changed his sounds, his flow, his type of music, as if he changed his clothes. A very influential artist of this generation, truly !!!!”

Moreover, the music video welcomes a new dapper-esque era that Rauw’s been teasing on social media. A previous Instagram post showed him in a fitted suit, newsboy cap, and cigar, signaling a fresh and enticing new artist cycle.

Up next, the “DILUVIO” singer is set to perform at the Sueños Music Festival tomorrow (May 25) in Chicago, IL. He’s also performing at Governors Ball on June 7 in New York, NY.

Watch Rauw Alejandro’s new music video for “Touching The Sky” below.