5 Legendary Drunk Mexican YouTube Stars

poleo My name is Ashauri, and I live in Mexico -- a country that, despite being plagued by violence and injustice, is known throughout the world for its beautiful landscapes, its rich history, …
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Tubo Tubo!: 90's Music Videos on Drugs

Hi guys! This is Dario. I do design at Remezcla and I love the internet and all of its weird shit especially the videos of twerking chihuahuas and prancersising cameltoes. As a …
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This Week in WTF

Twitter: @AndreaGompf The YouTube k-hole is a mysterious thing. One minute, you’re watching the Merengue Dog video, and the next thing you know, it’s three hours later and you’ve somehow wound up on …
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Video: STAR WARS – The Telenovela

Twitter: @BarbotRobot This exists. Thanks, Internet. The Latino nerd in me is fully sated for today. Read more here at Giant Freaking Robot.
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YouTube Weekly Wrap-Up: Radiohead Cumbia & El Michael!

In case you thought frat boys and the Japanese had a monopoly on YouTube craziness/silliness/stupidity, we here at Remezcla wanted to set the record straight. Latinos can be idiots on video, too---sí …
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