25 Cumbias Súper Románticas to Play for Your Amorcito

Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla

Is it really Valentine’s Day already? Listen, we all know this holiday is peak capitalism. Every year, we’re forced to finesse our pockets por tu maldito amor. But I’ma keep it real with you chief – I’m a romantic at heart, so this holiday is my time to shine. It might be all the novelas on in the cut growing up, or maybe all them Chente films raised me to be a Yung Caballero, but it definitely had something to do with the romantic slaps booming from the six-piece stereo set in la sala (you know, the one your parents had in a bulky-ass wooden case with the glass door you slapped some stickers on, discolored doilies, and a couple quince/bautizo recuerdos on top).

Anyways, whether you’re about el día del amor y amistad heavy like your boy, or whether you’d rather go about your day existential dread on 10 (also like your boy), I’m here to bring a lil ~luv and romance~ Vibes™ your way with this artfully curated *chef’s kiss* selection of cumbias románticas, featuring some certified classics, a couple deep cuts, even some of that new new for you and yours. Hit up your tío and ask to borrow his fog machine, grab an extension cord for your rotating lights, put on your flyest bautizo after party fit, and spin your shorty around for the culture con estas cumbias súper románticas. If you’re out here in peak cuffing season dolo, I’m here for y’all too — feel free to shoot your shot and send this playlist to your Instagram crush, or share it with your mom and tell her you love her. Shit, even just play it for yourself and practice some self-love. Anyways, your boy got a FaceTime date with his Twitter honey over some Popeye’s, so I’ll catch y’all later. If you bangs with this playlist, holla at me for all your internet AUX cord sonido set needs. Disfrutan, you lovers ?✨✨