Making the Case for Chicharito: Why He Should Be a Ballon d’Or Contender

Last week, we said that it seems like every day is Chicharo’s day. #MiercolesdeChicharito, #SabadodeChicharito…It’s not even Chicharito, it’s #ChichaDios. Which is why we’re officially kicking off our #ChicharitoBallondOr campaign. Bundesliga fans already know what’s up – they voted for our dude to win a landslide victory in this year’s Bundesliga idol.

So get with it, FIFA. Javier Hernández deserves to be 2015’s greatest player.

Earlier this year, we declared the Mexican international to be his country’s smartest soccer player. His innate knowledge of soccer tactics, acute awareness of limitations, and effectiveness are second to none. He’s that homie you rarely get angry with for taking one too many dribbles and dishing out unnecessary passes.

Chelsea wants him and even Alex Morgan loves him. If off-field developments played even the smallest role in the Ballon d’Or decision-making process, he’d be a shoo-in for sure. He was on my personal list of Most Lovable Fútbol Cracks before he reached peak cute levels by gifting a 6-year-old fan a jersey after Mexico’s historic victory in Honduras, prior to the disclosure of his beautiful bromance with David De Gea.

Now you may think to yourself, “Cool, he’s a good guy. Doesn’t mean he deserves year-end accolades.” That’s where you’re wrong, because beyond being a cheerful and humble legend, Chicharo has been a goal-scoring force to be reckoned with on the pitch this season. His success with Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga – scoring 16 goals in his last 13 games, including one vs. Barça midweek – has been that much sweeter, given that it’s come in the aftermath of “failure” at Manchester United (at least in the eyes of Louis van Gaal) and general disappointment at Real Madrid.

This past weekend, Chicharito scored the fastest ever hat-trick by a Mexican in the history of Europe’s four big leagues (the only ever hat-trick by a Mexican in the Bundesliga), netting three goals against Borussia Mönchengladbach in 15 minutes and beating legend Hugo Sánchez’s record by two minutes in the process.

Check this:

Today, Bayer unleashed the beast against fourth division side Unterhaching.

Naturally, he scored a goal in the 31st.

Now, check this:

Overall, Chicharito has scored 18 goals in 21 games. ??

We love you, ChichaDios. #ChicharitoBallondOr

Correction, 12/15/15, 7:26 p.m.: A previous version of this post listed outdated statistics for the number of goals Javier Hernández has scored this season. The post has been updated to reflect up-to-date figures.