‘Drag Race México’ 2×03 Recap: La Feria Ball, Polo Morín, & Paulina Rubio Lip-Sync

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This is our weekly mini recap of Drag Race: México by Lucas Villa. Sashay, shantay, your ultimate source for a bite-sized dive into each episode of the current season. Whether you’re a devoted fan craving more context or just someone needing to catch up, we’ve got you covered. Join us every week ( here ) as we touch on the looks, challenges, and touching moments. And SPOILERS, of course, from epic lip-sync battles to shocking eliminations.

On Drag Race México this week, one of the country’s favorite past times was honored: La Feria. For episode 2×03, the 11 remaining drag queens participated in a fashion ball that was inspired by the fairs of Mexico. Mexican actor Polo Morín joined co-hosts Lolita Banana and Taiga Brava on the judging panel. And the lip-sync battle to stay in the competition came down to a Paulina Rubio classic.

Earlier on in the episode the cast walked into the Werk Room for the strangest mini-challenge yet.

Lolita Banana, Taiga Brava, and a disguised Óscar Madrazo gave the queens a mission that spoofed the supposed “alien bodies” found in Mexico last year. The contestants had to drag up little aliens of their own and participate in a galactic photoshoot. Many of the queens impressed Lolita Banana and Taiga Brava with their wild takes on space drag.

Eva Blunt eventually won in the category for the top out-of-this-world look while Unique also emerged victorious for giving the best comedic moment.

Moving along, the Maxi Challenge this week was La Feria Ball where the queens donned three different looks on the runway. The three categories were inspired Mexican fair food, the rides, and the prizes. The queens truly turned the traditions of La Feria into fashion.

Leexa Fox ended up winning the challenge this week for her haute couture takes on carnival popcorn and the sticky hands toy. 

Eva Blunt also got to show off her talent as an industrial designer with her conceptual outfits. A standout was her dress that was inspired by the dragon canoe ride. As the dragon, she tore up mini versions of Lolita Banana, Taiga Brava, and RuPaul’s Drag Race staple Michelle Visage. Horacio Potasio, who won last week’s challenge, placed in the top as well for her Mexican concha outfit that was modeled after the body’s muscular system.

The judges deemed María Bonita and Luna Lansman as the bottom two queens of the week. The queens started cheering behind them when Lolita Banana announced the lip-sync song was “Ni Una Sola Palabra” by Paulina Rubio. While María Bonita and Luna Lansman were serving the emotion and the fierceness of the song, the whole judges’ panel was singing along, including special guest Polo Morín.

After the lively lip-sync, María Bonita unfortunately became the third queen to sashay away. 

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