‘Drag Race: México’ 2×02 Recap: Fierce Dance Battle, Herly, & Thalia Lip-Sync

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This is our weekly mini recap of Drag Race: México by Lucas Villa. Sashay, shantay, your ultimate source for a bite-sized dive into each episode of the current season. Whether you’re a devoted fan craving more context or just someone needing to catch up, we’ve got you covered. Join us every week (here) as we touch on the looks, challenges, and touching moments. And SPOILERS, of course, from epic lip-sync battles to shocking eliminations.

The competition is heating up on Drag Race México this week. For episode 2×02, the 12 remaining drag queens participated in a dance battle. Mexican TikTok star Herly joined co-hosts Lolita Banana and Taiga Brava on the judging panel. And the episode culminated in an epic lip-sync battle to a Thalia classic.

The cast walked into the Werk Room for a surprise game show. Lolita Banana and Taiga Brava hosted “Transves-Trivia” where the queens answered questions about the Drag Race franchise. One of the questions was about Lolita Banana being the first queen from Mexico to appear on Drag Race France. Ava Pocket answered a question correctly about Drag Race España and she credited that to season three’s Visa being her ex. Miss Vallarta also got a shout-out as the first queen ever eliminated from Drag Race México.

Gala Varo’s drag daughter Horacio Potasio emerged victorious in the mini-challenge.

Horacio Potasio was also tasked with picking her teammates for the dance battle challenge. Her team took on the name the C-U-N-T-S while the queens who weren’t picked became Las Putitronicas.

After rehearsals, Nina de la Fuente shared a beautiful moment with her drag daughters Garçonne and Suculenta in the Werk Room. Nina de la Fuente opened up about not being the best dancer, but always putting her best foot forward. Garçonne then talked about how she doesn’t let her diabetes or osteoporosis diagnoses hold her back.

Over on the runway, both the C-U-N-T-S and Las Putitronicas served up fierce moves in the dance battle. The fashion category on the runway was: Silver Girls. Horacio Potasio, who also won the Maxi Challenge this week, stunned in a reflective silver outfit. Another standout on the runway was last week’s winner Elektra Vandergeld in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired gown.

Ava Pocket was very conceptual while dressed like a silver Jesus and Nina de la Fuente looked amazing in her moon-inspired outfit. During the critiques, Herly connected with Nina de la Fuente over how plus-sized people are judged, but they don’t let that take away their shine or power.

The judges announced that the bottom two queens this week were Nina de la Fuente and Unique. Both contestants delivered passion on the stage while lip-syncing to Thalia’s song “Mujer Latina.” Despite her fight to stay in the competition, Nina de la Fuente became the second queen to sashay away. Garçonne and Suculenta bid her an emotional farewell. 

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