TRAILER: ‘One Day at a Time’ Season 3 Looks to Be Its Funniest Yet

Lead Photo: Photo: Michael Yarish. Courtesy of Netflix
Photo: Michael Yarish. Courtesy of Netflix
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Ten months ago Netflix’s family sitcom, One Day at a Time was threatened with cancellation. This in spite of the show’s creators attempting to drum up awards consideration by flying a plane to campaign their leading lady, Justina Machado. But after a fervent outcry on social media the series was renewed for season three, which will debut on February 8th. Now, audiences are getting their first look at the latest adventures in the Alvarez family with season three’s first trailer.

Prepare for a “party” with this season three trailer. The Alvarez clan remains buoyant despite their ceiling having a massive hole in it and what looks to be a funeral (for who, we don’t know). Machado’s Penelope briefly lays out the show’s plot for the last two seasons, but this season is all about moving forward. We see Isabella Gomez’s Elena attempting to define her new relationship with Syd (Sheridan Pierce); Alex (Marcel Ruiz) gets caught smoking pot, leading to a confrontation with Penelope; Penelope looks to be entering into a new relationship with a father just as overprotective as she is; there’s even a hilarious callback to Raiders of the Lost Ark, with the clan going on a trip and attempting to raid the mini-bar. There are brief glimpses of this season’s special guest stars, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine actresses Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz, as well as Gloria Estefan, who will be playing Moreno’s sister.

The trailer expertly sets up what keeps audiences coming back to One Day at a Time, the mix of family drama and relatable situations. Watching Penelope and Alex discuss vaping from the parent/child angle will be great to see, as well as Elena’s continued attempts to navigate the new world of relationships in a gender-fluid landscape. We didn’t see any specific peeks at Latinx issues, but there are sure to be things that will pop up throughout the season. The show’s authentic examinations of the generation gap remains poignant and real, and hilarious as can be.

The third season of One Day at a Time streams on Netflix starting February 8th.