Ángela Aguilar’s New Song Was Co-Written By Christian Nodal’s Ex

Lead Photo: Photo by Sergio Valenzuela.
Photo by Sergio Valenzuela.
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Ángela Aguilar wrote her new single “Gotitas Saladas” (June 14) with Christian Nodal’s ex. The Mexican-American singer teamed up with Estibaliz Badiola, who previously dated Nodal, for her song about breaking up. 

Last week, Aguilar and Nodal announced that they are in a relationship. The surprising revelation came a little over two weeks after Nodal and Cazzu revealed they had broken up after having a child together in September. During Nodal’s concert in Mexico City a few days later, Aguilar appeared as a special guest, and they shared a few kisses while singing together. Last Friday, Aguilar released the heartbreaking ballad “Gotitas Saladas.” 

“My new single #GotitasSaladas is now available on all digital platforms!” Aguilar wrote in an Instagram post. “What a joy to be able to share this song with you after so long having written it with my sister [Aneliz Aguilar] and a great friend. Thank you for everything and so much Angelitxs. I love you!!!”


The “great friend” Aguilar appears to be referring to is Badiola, a Mexican singer-songwriter who dated Nodal in 2017. At the time, Nodal was on the cusp of success with his breakthrough single “Adiós Amor.” Taking time to focus on their burgeoning careers reportedly led to Badiola and Nodal’s split in 2018. In her Instagram stories, Badiola celebrated the release of “Gotitas Saladas.”

“What happiness,” she wrote. “The song I wrote with Ángela and Aneliz Aguilar is now out.”


The strange thing about “Gotitas Saladas” is that Nodal’s ex is not listed as a songwriter on Spotify or Apple Music. Apple Music mentions only Ángela as a songwriter, while Spotify names both Ángela and Aneliz. There could be an issue with the song’s credits on the two music streaming platforms. 

Following her split from Nodal, Badiola has since been in a relationship with corridos tumbados singer Adriel Favela

Watch the music video for “Gotitas Saladas” below.