Arcángel Releases Tiraera Against Anuel AA, Rochy RD & Ozuna – We Explain

Lead Photo: Photo by Juan Colorado.
Photo by Juan Colorado.
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Arcángel is using one of his holiday traditions to go in on Anuel AA. The Latine trap icon released his tiraera, or diss track, “FN8” last night (Dec. 10), in which he roasts Anuel AA as Ozuna and Rochy RD catch strays. 

Arcángel made it a tradition to release a holiday-themed tiraera around Christmas time. Back in 2012, he kicked off the series of songs with “Feliz Navidad 1.” Arcángel released his last one in 2017 with “Feliz Navidad 7,” which was a diss track against Kendo Kaponi. A new beef with Anuel AA inspired Arcángel to bring back his yuletide tiraeras.

The beef between Arcángel and Anuel AA appears to stem from the latter’s former manager. Last year, Anuel AA terminated his business relationship with his longtime manager Frabián Eli Carrion. Carrion later sued Anuel AA for breach of contract, and the rapper responded with a lawsuit that claimed Carrion was embezzling money. Carrion is Arcángel’s brother-in-law. Anuel AA and his team allegedly clashed with Carrion at the home of Arcángel’s sister. 

In an interview with Tony Dandrades, Arcángel said, “What I can tell us is that I am the blood brother of Frabián’s wife, and I am the uncle of his daughters. It is my responsibility to ensure their safety.”

Arcángel unleashes his fury in the 10-minute-long “FN8.” He reminds Anuel AA that while he was a child, Arcángel was leading el movimiento scene. Arcángel, who is a Latine trap pioneer, also took umbrage with Anuel AA and Ozuna, calling themselves “Los Dioses” of the genre in their 2021 album. He veers into homophobic territory when he calls Anuel AA a gay slur in Spanish and Ozuna a “bugarrón,” or a man who sleeps with other men. 

Dominican dembow artist Rochy RD also gets caught in the crossfire when Arcángel compares him to convicted sex offender R. Kelly. Back in April, Rochy RD and La Demente were cleared of charges of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of a minor. Rochy RD later responded in an Instagram post, saying that Arcángel was in love with him.

Anuel AA responded to Arcángel’s diss track on Instagram as well. In a post, he said no one noticed that Arcángel released an album last month. Anuel AA added, “You’re waiting for Bad Bunny to collaborate with you in a song or invite you to a concert to revive your career.”

Listen to “FN8” below.