Here Are All the Tours You Can’t Miss in 2024

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Undoubtedly, 2023 was a huge year for Latine artists and their tours. But now, 2024 tours are in full swing. Our favorite Latine artists are booked and busy. From heavy hitters like Bad Bunny’s Most Wanted Tour to emerging artists like Xavi’s Poco A Poco Tour, it’s shaping into an exciting year for Latine tours — ones you can’t miss.

Not only are we getting trap-heavy live concerts by Benito this year, but we’re also witnessing a nostalgic resurgence of millennial pop stars going on tour. For example, Latine stars like Fey announced her new tour after a decade of not performing in the U.S., while Belanova announced their comeback tour after four years of concert hiatus. Limite’s Alicia Villareal and PXNDX’s José Madero are also joining the throwback hype on their own performing treks.

Moreover, there’s been more thrilling tour news to share. Residente’s international tour recently unveiled only two U.S. dates (New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA), and Ramón Ayala revealed his farewell U.S. tour that will wrap up his 60 years of musical trajectory. Another group who is performing their last shows together is Aventura, who unveiled their final tour together. And, if that’s not enough, Grupo Firme is back in action with an extensive U.S. tour that may or may not be frontman Eduin Caz’s last with the group.

But there’s more to look forward to. And as 2024 unravels, we’ll keep you routinely updated with all the Latine tours as they roll out. Who else can we expect? For now, here are all the Latine tours that you can’t miss in 2024.

Hurray for the Riff Raff (Nov. 12, 2023, to April 14, 2024) – The Bronx-born boricua artist is going on tour to support their upcoming album The Past Is Still Alive, out on Feb. 23. The U.S. tour dates start at the Brooklyn Folk Fest in 2023 and will then continue onto 2024, starting in New Orleans, LA, on Feb. 25, and ending in Houston, TX, on Apr. 14. They will then head to Europe.

Gloria Trevi (Jan. 26 to Sept. 22) – The emblematic Mexican singer is going on an extensive U.S. tour in 2024. She will perform her Mi Soundtrack World Tour in cities like San Jose, Phoenix, New York, San Antonio, and Las Vegas. She will be accompanied by Marco Antonio Solís’ daughter, Mar Solís, on selected dates.

Alicia Villarreal (Feb. 8 to Sept. 22) – The Mexican singer revealed her new Donde Todo Comenzó Tour. The U.S. leg will kick off in Wichita, KS, on Feb. 8 and wrap up in Bakersfield, CA, on Sept. 22.

Helado Negro (Feb. 9 to May 4) – The Ecuadorian-American experimental artist is going on tour to support his newest album Phasor, which will be available on Feb. 9. He will perform in cities like Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and more.

Banda MS (Feb. 10 to Sep. 13) – The popular Mexican banda ensemble will start their New Decade Tour on Feb. 10 at Hidalgo, TX, and wrap it up on Sep. 13 in Las Vegas, NV, in time for the city’s Mexican Independence Day celebrations.

Jesús Adrián Romero (Feb. 11 to April 20) – The popular Mexican singer-songwriter is playing his music live in various U.S. cities. Major cities like Miami, Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, and Chicago, are all part of this tour’s route.

Grupo Niche (Feb. 16 to Nov. 30) – The recognized salsa group is celebrating 40 years of their rhythm with a tour this 2024. They will be performing in selected U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Orlando, New York, and Atlantic City.

Bad Bunny (Feb. 21 to May 26) – The Puerto Rican icon is bringing his initial trap sounds to 31 cities across the nation. Benito will embark on his Most Wanted Tour in Salt Lake City, UT, on Feb. 21 and wrap it up in Miami, FL, on May 26.

Gaby Moreno (Feb. 23 to May 10) – The Guatemalan singer-songwriter is performing across the U.S. this year. She will be performing in cities like Nashville, Atlanta, and Memphis, to name a few. Selected dates are part of Nickel Creek’s tour.

Fey (March 2 to Sept. 13) – Fey is coming back to the U.S. after a decade. The Mexican pop icon unveiled her upcoming Fey U.S.A. Tour 2024. The highly-anticipated tour starts at the first Besame Mucho Festival in Austin, TX, on March 2 and ends in Los Angeles, CA, on Sep. 13.

Hombres G (March 6 to July 13) – The emblematic Spanish rock band announced their upcoming 40th Anniversary Tour. The 14-city tour will start in Hidalgo, TX, on March 6 and will wrap up in El Paso, TX, on July 13.

Don Omar (March 7 to Sept. 15) – The Puerto Rican reggaeton pioneer will embark on his Back to Reggaeton Tour in 2024. The U.S. leg starts in Reading, PA, on March 7 and concludes in Elmont, NY, on Sept. 15.

DannyLux (March 8 to June 28) – DannyLux, the Mexican crooner known for his sad sierreño hits, revealed his Tour of Lux dates. The dates include performances in Texas, California, Oregon, and more states. Special guests include ERRE, Dariell Cano, and Alta Elegancia on selected dates.

Ramón Ayala (March 9 to Nov. 30) – The King of the Accordion announced his upcoming The Beginning of An End (El Principio De Un Final) Tour that will wrap up 60 years of musical trajectory. The tour will officially begin at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, CA, on March 9 and finish back in the City of Angels at the Intuit Dome on Nov. 30.

Rubio (March 12 to May 5) – The Chilean singer-songwriter and musician is taking her experimental, electronic sounds to the States. Her stops include cities in Texas, California, Washington, and Oregon. Selected cities are part of Elliot Moss’ tour, which she will be supporting.

Reyna Tropical (March 13 to May 24) – Reyna Tropical is opening a new chapter as a solo project spearheaded by Fabi Reyna. She will perform in selected venues across the U.S., including Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Nashville, and more. Some selected dates are with Portugal. The Man.

Hermanos Gutiérrez (March 16 to May 18) – The Ecuadorian-Swiss brothers Alejandro and Estevan Gutiérrez are performing in the States during spring. They will perform at venues in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York, to name a few.

Sonido Gallo Negro (March 23 to June 9) – The Mexico City-based band is going on their 17-date Psicodelia Hi Energy Tour this year. Cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, and more will get to experience the group’s cumbia-fusion sounds live.

Bella Dose (March 28 to May 30) – The Latina pop group is set to perform in various venues this year. Their tour will hit cities including San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, and more.

Pepe Aguilar (March 29 to July 20) – Pepe Aguilar is bringing his family – Leonardo, Ángela, and Antonio Jr. – to the U.S. The Jaripeo Hasta Los Huesos Tour 2024 is a celebration of the Aguilar Dynasty with a Day of the Dead-themed production. The tour will hit cities like Anaheim, Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, and more.

Xavi (April 2 to May 12) – Following his breakout success, Xavi is taking his music to his fans. He will start his Poco A Poco Tour in Los Angeles, CA, and wrap it up in San Antonio, TX.

Bentley Robles & Zee Machine (April 3 to May 23) – The duo is going on a joint The Tears & Gearz Tour this spring. U.S. cities include New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Los Ángeles Azules (April 4 to 20) – The emblematic cumbia group is touring the U.S. this spring. They will perform selected cities in Texas, Arizona, California, and Nevada. They will also bring Jay de la Cueva and Ángela Leiva for the ride.

Panter Bélico (April 5 to June 22) – The emerging Mexican-American singer – and former vocalist of Grupo Arriesgado – announced his upcoming solo Punto y Aparte – US TOUR. It starts in Phoenix, AZ, on Apr. 5 and wraps up in Sacramento, CA, on June 22.

Andrés Cepeda (April 9 to May 4) – The emblematic Colombian singer is touring the U.S. in 2024. His Tengo Ganas U.S. tour will reach Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Austin, TX; Miami, FL; New York, NY; and more cities across the nation.

Los Shadows (April 11 to 27) – National City-based surf/dream pop rock band Los Shadows is taking their music on the road this spring. Targeted states include Colorado, Texas, and California. Cumbia artist Gio Chamba will be joining Los Shadows on selected dates.

Peso Pluma (April 12 to Oct. 11) – The Mexican superstar announced his 2024 Éxodo Tour dates, including performances in major cities like New York, Miami, Houston, and more.

División Minúscula & Jumbo (April 17 to Aug. 14) – Mexican rock bands División Minúscula and Jumbo announced their upcoming co-headlining 14-city U.S. tour. The highly-anticipated División Minúscula & Jumbo – US TOUR 2024 will start in Chicago, IL, on April 17 and wrap up in Houston, TX, on Aug. 14.

Chicano Batman (April 19 to June 30) – As part of their new album Notebook Fantasy’s rollout, the LA-based band is going on an extensive nation tour this year. The psych-soul ensemble will perform in cities such as Las Vegas, Austin, Nashville, New York, and more. The tour’s openers include Lido Pimienta and The Red Pears on selected dates.

Marca MP (April 20 to Nov. 30) – The bicultural música mexicana group announced their new SIMPLEMENTE MARCA TOUR 2024, starting in Fresno, CA, on Apr. 20 and wrapping up in Oakland, CA, on Nov. 30.

Combo Chimbita & Pachyman (April 23 to May 18) – Colombia’s Combo Chimbita and Puerto Rico’s Pachyman are co-headlining a tropical and rhythmic tour together. They will hit venues in Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, and more.

Belanova (April 24 to June 23) – The emblematic Mexican electropop trio is making their highly-anticipated comeback. They will perform in selected venues across the nation, including cities like San Jose, Inglewood, El Paso, and Miami Beach, among many others.

Feid (April 24 to July 6) – The popular Colombian star is taking his upcoming 2024 Ferxxocalipsis Tour to U.S. arenas. He will perform in cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, and New York City, to name a few.

Niña Pastori (April 25 to May 5) – The Spanish flamenco singer is coming to the U.S. for four special dates. Her official CAMINO tour dates include New York (April 25), Washington D.C. (April 26), Miami (May 4), and Orlando (May 5).

Codiciado (April 26 to May 5) – Codiciado, born Erick de Jesús Aragón Alcantar, is bringing his hard-hitting corridos to selected venues. He will be performing in cities like Wheatland, San Diego, Ontario, Fresno, and Phoenix.

Tei Shi (May 1 to 12) – The experimental Colombian-Canadian singer is performing her music live in the States. She will begin her tour in venues in Boston, MA, on May 1 and finish in Seattle, WA, on May 12.

Aventura (May 1 to June 21) – Aventura has officially reunited and they’ll be hitting the road in the U.S. The bachata group announced the dates for its 2024 Cerrando Ciclos Tour, which will hit stages in Los Angeles, Houston, New York, and more.

Indie Caravan 2024 (May 2 to 25) – DLD, Los Daniels, and Chingadazo de Kung Fu are teaming up for a tour together. Selected cities include Oakland, Los Angeles, Denver, and more.

Caloncho (May 3 to Sep. 8) – The popular Mexican artist will take his El Tour del Tofu across the U.S. He will perform in cities like San Antonio, Pomona, Seattle, and many more.

Mon Laferte (May 5 to June 2) – The passionate Chilean singer-songwriter is touring the U.S. and Latin America. Her upcoming Autopoiética Tour will start its U.S. leg in Chicago, IL, on May 3 and wrap up in Napa, CA, on June 2.

Grupo Firme (May 10 to Nov. 2) – The Mexican banda group announced the dates for their upcoming 2024 La Última Peda Tour. Despite rumors of the group disbanding, they’re united to perform in cities across the U.S.

Reik (May 11 to June 30) – Mexico’s beloved pop group Reik is performing nationwide this spring and summer. Their highly-anticipated 2024 Panorama Tour will reach cities like San Antonio, Atlanta, New  York, Chicago, and many more.

Pandora & Flans (May 16 to June 23) – The Latine ‘80s/’90s pop groups are going on tour together. They will hit venues in Texas, California, New York, and more.

Anitta (May 21 to June 2) – The Brazilian superstar’s Baile Funk Experience U.S. tour leg includes performances in Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Orlando, Chicago, and more.

Monsieur Periné (May 26 to June 17) – The Colombian musical ensemble is performing in selected venues across the nation. Their upcoming BOLERO APOCALÍPTICO TOUR  will reach Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and more.

Caifanes & Café Tacvba (May 29 to June 30) – Two popular Mexican rock figureheads are joining forces. Caifanes and Café Tacvba announced their upcoming joint tour in 2024. The highly-anticipated tour starts in Kennewick, WA, on May 29 and ends in Indianapolis, IN, on June 30.

Chiquis (May 30 to Dec. 7) – Chiquis is going on tour for a major part of 2024. The música mexicana star’s Diamantes Tour starts in El Cajon, CA, on May 30 and wraps up in Fresno, CA, on Dec. 7.

Yng Lvcas (May 30 to June 16) – Mexico’s biggest reggaeton artist will perform concerts across the U.S. for the first time. His tour route includes cities like Los Angeles, Houston, New York, and many more.

Siddhartha (May 30 to June 21) – The Mexican artist is going on tour this year. He will perform in major cities like Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and more.

Tokischa (May 30 to June 29) – The Dominican artist is going on her Nací Perra Pride Tour 2024. She will perform in cities such as San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

Fuerza Regida (June 6 to Nov. 16) – The Mexican-American group is going on their Pero No Te Enamores Tour. The highly-anticipated tour will start at the Moody Center in Austin, TX, on June 6 and wrap up at the Intuit Dome in Inglewood, CA, on Nov. 16.

Gabito Ballesteros (June 7 to Sept. 28) – The emerging música mexicana artist is going on tour for the first time. The GB Tour will hit major cities like San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, El Paso, and Los Angeles.

Jay Wheeler (June 13 to Oct. 27) – The Puerto Rican artist is going on his TRAPPii Tour this year. He will perform in venues in cities like New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Cigarettes After Sex (June 15 to Oct. 11) – The El Paso-originated dream pop band is hitting the road this year. Fronted by Greg Gonzalez, the band will sing in major cities like New York, Orlando, Atlanta, and many more.

Louie TheSinger (June 15 to July 27) – The rising Mexican-American star is hitting the streets with his country music. The 2024 Desperado Tour dates include stops in Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, and more.

Matisse (June 15 to Sept. 17) – Matisse will embark on their very first world tour this year. Throughout June and later September, the Mexican pop group will perform concerts in major cities like Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; New York City, NY; Las Vegas, NV; and Los Angeles, CA.

Roberto Carlos (June 16 to June 30) – The emblematic Brazilian singer-songwriter is playing seven exclusive shows in the U.S. Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, are all part of the tour’s route.

Jennifer Lopez (June 26 to Aug. 31) – The popular Nuyorican singer-songwriter, actress, and businesswoman announced her upcoming and extensive North American This Is Me…Now The Tour, starting in Orlando, FL, on June 26 and wrapping up in Houston, TX, on Aug. 31.

José Madero (June 20 to July 7) – PXNDX’s former vocalist José Madero is coming back to the U.S. The 11-date tour will take the “Lunes 28” singer to perform in popular venues across California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, and New York.

The Marías (July 16 to Aug. 22) – The LA-based indie pop band unveiled their upcoming The Submarine Tour which will make stops in cities like Las Vegas, Houston, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. The tour’s special guest will be Automatic for all U.S. tour dates.

Los Temerarios (July 26 to Dec. 7) – The emblematic Mexican group from Fresnillo, Mexico, is playing their final shows in 2024. The Hasta Siempre Tour 2024 starts in Mexico City in February and will reach its U.S. leg in July.

Ana Bárbara (Aug. 2 to Nov. 16) – The popular Mexican singer is celebrating three decades of musical trajectory with a new tour. Her Reina Grupera Tour will take the prominent singer to major cities such as Las Vegas, NV; Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; El Paso, TX; and Los Angeles, CA, to name a few.

Chayanne (Aug. 21 to Dec. 14) – The popular Puerto Rican pop star revealed the dates for his 2024 Bailemos Otra Vez Tour. Known for his romantic songs, the singer is performing in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and many more.

Moenia (Aug. 23 to Sept. 15) – Mexican electronic icon Moenia is hitting the road this year with their Pixel Tour USA. The synthpop, techno, and ambient sound music makers will play in major cities such as El Paso, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and more.

The Buena Vista Social Orchestra (Sept. 5 to Oct. 19) – The prominent musical ensemble, under the direction of Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos of The Buena Vista Social Club, has announced a 23-date U.S. tour for this summer and fall. They will perform in states like California, Nevada, Texas, and many more.

Residente (Sept. 14 to Dec. 7) – Puerto Rican icon and hard-hitting rapper Residente is touring worldwide this fall. His international Las Letras Ya No Importan Tour dates only include two cities in the U.S. — New York, NY, on Sep. 18 and Los Angeles, CA, on Sep. 20. International venues in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, and many more, are also part of his global trek.

Los Mesoneros (Sept. 22 to 29) – The Venezuelan-originated band is coming to the U.S. this year. They will perform at venues in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and more.

Camilo (Sept. 26 to Oct. 26) – The Colombian pop star revealed the U.S. dates for his 2024 Nuestro Lugar Feliz Tour. The new tour route includes cities like Los Angeles, El Paso, New York, and more.

Girl Ultra (Sept. 27 to Oct. 18) – Mexican R&B and experimental singer Girl Ultra will be Chromeo’s supporting act on the second half of their U.S. tour. She will join the Canadian electro-funk duo in cities like Atlanta, Boston, New York, and many more.

El Cuarteto De Nos (Oct. 8 to 17) – The Uruguayan group is coming to the U.S. for selected dates this fall. They will perform in Orlando, Chicago, New York, Dallas, and more cities.

Greeicy (Oct. 12 to Nov. 3) – The Colombian singer-songwriter is taking her music to the U.S. and Puerto Rico this fall. Major cities include Atlanta, New York, Miami, and more.

Shakira (Nov. 2 to Dec. 15) – The Colombian superstar finally dropped the first round of North American dates for her Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran World Tour. The 14-city North American arena tour will hit states like California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and many more.

Manuel Medrano (Nov. 7 to 16) – The Colombian singer-songwriter is performing in selected cities this fall. His dates include Orlando, New York, and Miami.


Past Tours

El Tri (Oct. 11, 2023, to Feb. 18, 2024) – The iconic Mexican rock band is celebrating its 55th anniversary with a tour across the U.S. El Tri will perform in cities like Seattle, Houston, Anaheim, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, to name a few.

Morat (Jan. 24 to Feb. 25) – The popular Colombian band is embarking on their new Si Ayer Fuera Hoy U.S. tour on Jan. 24 in Rosemont, IL. They will also hit major cities like New York City, Miami, Houston, El Paso, and wrap up their string of concerts in Los Angeles on Feb. 25.

Crypta (Jan. 27 to March 2) – Crypta is bringing their Brazilian death metal to the States. The band’s highly-anticipated Shades of Sorrow Over North America Tour will embark in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Jan. 27 and wrap up in Seattle, WA, on March 2.

Elyanna (Jan. 29 to Feb. 21) – The Palestinian-Chilean singer-songwriter is hitting North American stages during January and February. She will perform in selected cities such as Houston, New York, and Chicago, to name a few.

Pablo Alborán (Feb. 9 to March 7) – The Malaguese singer-songwriter is hitting the road in the U.S. in 2024. His new La Cu4rta Hoja 2024 tour will make stops in Miami, FL; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; among others.

Enjambre (Feb. 14 to March 7) – The Mexican rock group is going on tour. The 14-date tour will hit cities like Phoenix, Houston, New York City, Chicago, and Seattle. They will wrap up the highly-anticipated tour with a special acoustic experience called “Noches de Salón” in Los Angeles.

The Trilogy Tour (Jan. 30 to March 10) – Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, and Pitbull will continue The Trilogy Tour in 2024. New tour dates include stops in San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, and many more.

Standards (March 1 to 16) – The LA-based math rock duo is going on tour as support for Elephant Gym on selected dates. They will perform in venues in states like Texas, California, and Oregon.

Madi Diaz (Jan. 14 to April 4) – The Peruvian-Danish singer-songwriter is going on tour in 2024. The Weird Faith Tour will embark in Morgantown, WV, on Jan. 14 and end in Los Angeles, CA, on April 4. She will have special guests Olivia Barton, Jack Van Cleaf, and Daniel Nunnelee on selected dates.

Coco & Breezy (Jan. 19 to April 6) – The Afro-Latina DJ twins are hitting the road in 2024. They will perform live in cities like Seattle, Miami, and Dallas, among others.

Provoker (Feb. 12 to March 22) – The Los Angeles-based post-punk band is going on tour in 2024. They will make stops in San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, and many more cities as part of their Demon Compass Tour.

Tornillo (Feb. 14 to March 23) – The Mexican rapper and singer Tornillo is touring the U.S. for the first time. He will start in Las Vegas, NV, on Feb. 14 and wrap it up in Los Angeles, CA, on Mar. 23. Tornillo will be joined by Mexican rapper Dharius, formerly of Cartel de Santa, on all dates.

Ana Tijoux (March 12 to 27) – After six years, the Chilean artist is finally hitting the road. Tijoux will play selected U.S. cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Washington, DC.

Juanes (Feb. 13 to March 29) – The emblematic Colombian rocker is going on his 2024 Vida Cotidiana World Tour. The tour will reach Seattle, WA; Los Angeles, CA; El Paso, TX; New York, NY; and more cities across the U.S.

A.Chal (March 26 to April 5) – The Peruvian-American NY-based artist Alejandro Chal Salazar – better known as A.CHAL – is taking his music to his fans across the nation. Selected cities include Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more.

Neutro Shorty (March 22 to April 12) – The Venezuelan rapper is embarking on his 10-city Alien Life U.S.A. Tour in 2024. He’s performing in major cities like Miami Beach, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

Meth Math (April 2 to 13) – The experimental Mexican trio is performing in the U.S. The spring tour includes venues in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more.

Kalimba (April 4 to 14) – The Mexican singer is embarking on his Kalimba Íntimo Tour USA 2024 this spring. He will hit cities in Texas, California, and Nevada.