It’s Official! Thalia & Kenia Os Are Teaming Up for a New Song

Lead Photo: Photo by Alfredo Persan.
Photo by Alfredo Persan.
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It’s official—Thalia is teaming up with a Mexican pop star on the rise for her new single. Yesterday (Feb. 21), the pop icon announced that her new single “Para No Verte Más” will feature Kenia Os.

Since last year, there has been plenty of speculation about Thalia collaborating with Kenia. Last June, both singers were spotted hanging out together. In an Instagram post from that time, the “Flores” singer posted a photo with Thalia. “And my first love was named Thalia,” she wrote. The caption was a reference to Bad Bunny’s lyric in his song “Tití Me Preguntó,” where he called out the name Thalia.

During her interview with Remezcla last Aug., Kenia hinted at some sort of project with Thalia coming soon. She was also appreciative that Thalia took her under her wing. “Something special is coming,” she said. “Something really cool with [Thalía] is coming. I love her! I adore her! Actually, just yesterday, she called me. We were talking. She’s an incredible person and an inspiration. I believe getting to know her helped me so much. She’s a sensible and grateful person to the people who surround her. I already have a special place for her in my life.”

The duo will be joining focus for the new single “Para No Verte Más.” With the cover art for the song, Thalia wrote on Instagram, “Are you guys ready?? Your suspicions were correct.” 

Though Thalia hasn’t announced the official release date for the song yet, it’s rumored to be dropping on March 2. Thalia and Kenia Os’ fans are celebrating the news of their collaboration online. “#ParaNoVerteMás is the hit from Thalía y Kenia Os that we were all waiting for,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “geis (gays) living,” wrote another fan. 


The fans are speculating that Thalia’s new single could be a cover of La Mosca Tse-Tse’s song “Para No Verte Más.” Thalia returned to music last year with the single “Psycho Bitch.” Kenia Os recently released the “Malas Decisiones” video from her K23 album.