PREMIERE: Dejota Reunites With Late Singer Legarda in “Anoche Llamé” Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Arley Valdez.
Photo by Arley Valdez.
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Rising Venezuelan star Dejota teams up with late singer Legarda in “Anoche Llamé.” Dejota is joined by the Colombian artist thanks to digital technology in his new music video, premiering exclusively today (Mar. 21) on Remezcla. In an interview, Dejota talks about his new single, his friendship with Legarda, and what’s next.

In Feb. 2019, Legarda’s tragic death rocked the Latine music world. The YouTuber-turned-artist was killed in the crossfire of a robbery unrelated to him in Medellín, Colombia. Before his passing, Legarda became close friends with Dejota, who motivated him to leave Venezuela and further his music career in Colombia.

“We were like a family,” Dejota tells Remezcla. “We lived together for a long time. We shared almost every day for three years. He was like my older brother. I learned a lot from him.”

Dejota continued to pursue music; last month, he signed with Warner Music Latina. The release of  “Anoche Llamé” comes on the heels of the fourth anniversary of Legarda’s passing, which features his vocals. In the feel-good reggaeton banger, both artists sing about a lover who is sending them mixed signals. The song marked one of Legarda’s first major releases since his passing. Dejota is paying tribute to his friend, who helped him break into the music business.

“It’s a dream because after so long, I can continue fulfilling and celebrating his legacy, connecting through music, and exploring new ways to communicate art,” Dejota says.

For Dejota to reunite with Legarda in the “Anoche Llamé” music video, his team used the 3D creation tool Unreal Engine. Dejota and Legarda’s avatars were incorporated into the video using MetaHuman technology and a motion capture smart suit called Rokoko. Their facial movements were completed using Facemocap.

“It was an intense month and a half of many technical challenges, emotional challenges, and long meetings to make decisions,” Dejota says about bringing the video to life. “In general, it was incredibly satisfying to do something unique and innovative in Colombia, Venezuela. and the rest of Latin America.”

The tropical music video for “Anoche Llamé” opens with the note: “Nothing digital can replace life.” The project received a blessing from Legarda’s family. We see a digital Legarda partying with Dejota’s character on a beach. Dejota hopes the song and video are something that their fans can enjoy.

“Time is ephemeral,” Dejota says. “‘Anoche Llamé’ is a song from seven years ago. The video was created totally digital and it’s bringing back the essence of a very special person, where he is seen singing and enjoying himself. I hope our fans can connect with the lyrics of the song.”

As for what’s next, Dejota names Venezuelan musician Danny Ocean as one of his dream collaborations. He is working on an EP with Warner Music Latina where each song will talk about the essence of a woman through different stories.

“The music that’s coming is refreshing,” he says. “I feel very happy and confident that I can bring joy through music.”

Check out the “Anoche Llamé” music video below.