‘Bullet Train’ First Reactions Are In & Bad Bunny Fans Are Disappointed — Here’s Why

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube
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Bullet Train debuted No. 1 at the box office this past weekend making $30.1 million at theaters in the United States. According to Deadline, 24 percent of the audience was Latine.

While it’s impossible to break down the reasons Latines were drawn to the movie, it’s probably not a farfetched theory that some of them wanted to see reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny in his first feature film. 

In Bullet Train, Bad Bunny plays Wolf, a Mexican assassin who boards a high-speed rail in Tokyo to get his hands on a mysterious briefcase that Brad Pitt’s character Ladybug is carrying. When the first trailer debuted for the film earlier this year, fans were excited about what Bad Bunny could do with the role.

While reviews have been mixed amongst critics, Bullet Train has received mostly positive feedback from mainstream audiences. One criticism from fans, however, that has been consistent online is that there simply isn’t enough Bad Bunny in the movie.

“If you’re going to see Bullet Train just to see Bad Bunny, don’t waste your time,” one Twitter user writes. “He shows up for a couple of minutes only.”


Another user lamented wanting to watch Bullet Train for Bad Bunny to only be in it for 2 minutes. While another said that the trailers before the movie were longer than the icon’s actual scene in said movie.

It’s tough to know exactly how many minutes of screen time Bad Bunny actually has in the movie without going back and timing it, but the consensus online seems to be somewhere between 5-10 minutes. One moviegoer was disappointed because he said most of Bad Bunny’s scenes in the film were already shown in the trailer.

“Bad Bunny is only in that Bullet Train movie for five minutes,” he wrote. “Ninety-five percent of his appearance is in the trailer smfh. Do with that information what you will.”


Others didn’t mind Bad Bunny’s short time on screen. Apparently, some fans would’ve come out even for a cameo.


At least Bad Bunny fans can find solace in knowing that he’ll definitely have more than 10 minutes on screen when he plays the title character in El Muerto.