Cardi B is Ozuna’s Biggest Fan and Here’s Proof

Lead Photo: Ozuna performs on stage during Univision's "Premios Juventud" 2017. Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for Univision
Ozuna performs on stage during Univision's "Premios Juventud" 2017. Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for Univision
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If you’re a faithful member of the Bardi Gang, chances are you’re well aware of Ozuna and Cardi B’s longstanding friendship. The two part-Dominican pop stars have already notched a few collaborations together (“La Modelo,” the remix to “Ahora Dice,” and an upcoming link-up with DJ Snake and Selena Gomez), but their camaraderie goes all the way back to Ozuna’s pre-Odisea days. As we’ve written before, the Bronx-born rapper has long used her Instagram as a platform for exposing reggaeton and Latin trap artists to her non Spanish-speaking fans. But Ozuna has stood out from the pack, counting Cardi as one of his biggest fans. She’s done everything from post videos of her belting his songs at the top of her lungs to defend him to random Twitter trolls.

Check out some of our favorite stan moments below:

All the times she's defended him in the comments.

Back in the fall of 2017, we hadn’t been blessed with a Cardi B and Ozuna collab just yet. The rapper better known as Belicalis Almanzar was just teasing the dancehall-lite number on Instagram, readying its release for December 2017.

But that didn’t stop her from putting on for a commenter who had no idea who Ozuna was.  A fan said he’d “never heard of” Ozuna even though “he has 5 million IG followers.” Cardi defended Ozuna in the comments and explained that he’s the “number 1 Spanish artist in the Latin world.”

All the times she belted the lyrics to "Tu Foto" on Instagram.

Though she’s since cleaned up her Instagram page and deleted many of the original posts, Cardi spent the better part of 2017 singing along to “Tu Foto” on Instagram, writing captions like “NAAA MY FAVORITE SONG EVER!!!!!” and “I love all of @ozunapr songs !!!” Watch some choice clips above.

All the times she sang along to "El Farsante."

Much like “Tu Foto,” Cardi’s obsession with “El Farsante” was inescapable in 2017. Here she is jamming to the song at January’s Calibash concert and at home. Smash the mf repeat button.

When their first collab "La Modelo" was finally released.

“La Modelo” finally saw the light in December 2017, when Cardi and Ozu blessed us with an addictive dancehall bop for the holidays. When the song entered the Hot 100, Cardi celebrated the collab’s success by thanking her Boricua brother. “I’m very excited. You know, Ozuna is one of my favorite artists and I was very excited that I was gonna do a song with one of my favorite artists and now he’s like family to me. I’m so happy we’re going to the top, to the top.”

In late January, she performed at Calibash with Ozuna for the first time. “I’m so grateful right now. Ozuna is my favorite Hispanic artist at the moment and he knows that,” she said. “It’s so crazy that I did so many videos singing his songs and then he called me and we did a song. It’s like, that’s the first person I wanted to do music with.”

After Ozuna released his new album 'Aura.'

Fast forward to summer 2018. Since Odisea dropped, Ozuna has pretty much destroyed every streaming record in reggaeton and Spanish-language music, but he’s nowhere near finished, as he just unleashed his sophomore album Aura. The full-length is less than a week old, but you can bet Cardi already knows all the words. Here she is on Instagram singing the opener and praising him. “Congrats to my brother I think [it’s] amazing,” she wrote.