10 Best Fashion Moments from 2022

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Fashion was on full display this year with some of our faves making their mark in ways that we were just not prepared to witness. And as 2022 comes to a close, let’s take a moment to marvel, once again, at the fashion moments that have come to symbolize the ever-evolving idea of clothing existing without gender or rules in general.

There were truly some inspiring and society-changing fashion moments, like Oscar Isaac flawlessly sporting a grey kilt to the Moon Knight premiere. Who can forget Bad Bunny continuously pushing the boundaries of clothing and fashion, especially at The Met Gala? And let’s not forget Lupita Nyong’o’s outfit transformation at the Wakanda Forever premiere in Mexico!

Ultimately, there are moments when you know that a statement piece will indeed make a statement and these Latine fashion moments from 2022 delivered and that’s why they ended up on this 2022 list of best fashion moments of the year!


Oscar Isaac’s Grey Kilt from 'Moon Knight' Premiere

Oscar Isaac took social media by storm when he showed up not once but twice rocking a grey kilt. Seeing that man just owning the red carpet with a piece of clothing normally attributed to female-presenting people really made him a fashion moment of 2022. However, it wasn’t really meant to be a statement. As he told Remezcla, “Sometimes you just gotta throw a skirt on. For me, it wasn’t so deep. I was like ‘I like that. I’m gonna put one on.’” Mood.


Jenna Ortega’s 'Wednesday' Premiere Veil

Jenna Ortega’s take on the iconic character Wednesday for Netflix didn’t stop on screen. The rising star stunned in Versace at the premiere of the new show in a striking black gown coupled with an awe-inspiring veil that the character would totally approve of. Ortega’s ability to take Wednesday Addams from an angsty teenager to a jaw-dropping star with a couple of well-placed accessories has us begging for a season 2.


Lupita Nyong’o’s Transforming Look from 'Wakanda Forever' Mexico Premiere

We love to see a good reveal and Lupita Nyong’o delivered during the Mexico premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. What started as an oversized red coat was stripped away to reveal a skin-tight leather dress that, in all honesty, is the perfect outfit for this premiere. If you didn’t think Nyong’o could be any more incredible, just take a moment and remember this incredible look with a fitted bodice and updo.


Bad Bunny Understanding the Assignment for The Met Gala

Bad Bunny is known for showing up and showing out with his looks and the iconic Met Gala outfit this year was on point. The theme was In America: An Anthology of Fashion and Bad Bunny went for it by researching the fashion looks in Puerto Rico and during the Gilded Age. With that research and his unflinching approach to fashion, Bad Bunny and his stylist teamed up to create a stunning dress that mixed both men’s and women’s fashion of the time. The look was sleep while continuing to push the boundaries of gendered fashion.


Kali Uchis Unveiling New ‘Obsesión’ Collection

Kali Uchis is proving to be more than a musician with the denim collection she dropped this year. Inspired by the Latina fashions of the ‘90s, Uchis unveiled a collection of denimwear using raw denim in ways that tapped into our high school days. Only Uchis can take denim into such a timeless, sexy, and exciting collection even from the promo video.


Sebastián Yatra’s 'Encanto' Inspired Suit at the Oscars

It’s no mystery that Encanto was the moment for Latine media in 2022. The Disney movie following a Colombian family that was magical and lived in an equally magical house, was a hit that transcended cultural identity. Sebastián Yatra was tapped to sing “Dos Orguitas” for the film and the popularity of the movie landed it as a featured performance at the 2022 Academy Awards. So, of course, Yatra showed up to sing in a black suit covered in golden butterflies created by a Colombian designer, a perfect homage to the song and film that touched the hearts of millions this year.


Tessa Thompson Stunting in a Black Suit for 'Thor: Love and Thunder’

The moment Thompson showed up in the trailer for the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer rocking a black suit, fans lost their minds. For some, it was all they needed to see to convince them to go see the movie, and, like same. She just knows how to sell the look with only a couple of seconds on the screen and that is what makes her a fashion moment of 2022. But for others, it exemplified the “king” Valkyrie was and continues to be to her people. Even when she’s looking bored.


Eiza González as María Félix for Vogue México

Paying homage to the ones that came before us is crucial to keeping the culture alive for those too young to know the icons that came before. Eiza González drawing inspiration from one of Hollywood’s first Latina movie stars was a perfect touch to her Vogue México photoshoot. The way she was able to channel the vibe and personality of Félix is a masterclass in fashion being used to honor our cultural history in modern ways, from the makeup to the fabrics used to bring these looks to life.


Georgina Treviño’s Earrings Rocked by Beyoncé

We love to see someone from our community succeeding in new ways and Treviño’s year was undoubtedly made when the one and only Beyoncé rocked her earrings. Queen Bey wore the earrings in the “I’m That Girl” teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Renaissance album. The earrings are a definite shout-out to that Latina staple: large gold hoops. The earrings are gold plated with “Ms. Honey” written within the hoop and they are unforgettable and even more iconic now.


Mj Rodriguez Looking Timeless at The Met Gala

This look by Mj Rodriguez was so good that we had to include it, even if it means this list has two Met Gala looks. Rodriguez wore a glimmering Moschino dress that makes her sparkle from head to toe. The hood completed the look and gave Rodriguez a silhouette that made her look otherworldly and timeless.